Beauty News: Clarins launches the new Body Shaping Cream

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Clarins Body Shaping Cream Main Model Visual

In 2015: a new lease of life for Body Shaping Cream! Created in 1974 – and reformulated in 1983 and 1996 – Body Shaping Cream is designed to reduce excess stubborn fat which affects the figure’s harmonious contours. Today, thanks to recent discoveries regarding the mechanisms responsible for the formation of stubborn fat, Clarins opens up a new path in cosmetics, with a plant extract that has a slimming power: poppy.

Clarins Body Shaping Cream_Open

The new Body Shaping Cream

Slims, firms, embellishes. The ultimate contouring care with a reinforced action to fight stubborn fat. Combining effectiveness with pleasure, Body Shaping Cream offers triple slimming, firming and embellishing benefits and an incredibly soft, smooth texture designed for massage. Tested and approved by Asian women*, this pampering cream allows them to reshape their body contours in a tailor-made way and sculpt the silhouette they want.

Pleasure: With Body Shaping Cream, well-being is in your hands

A texture that feels like a soft caress

The smooth, melting texture of Body Shaping Cream is specially designed for massage and glides over the skin, surrounding the body in well-being. This pampering cream with a subtle floral-woody fragrance leaves behind a wonderful feeling of freshness, and a non-oily, non-sticky veil of softness on the skin so you can dress immediately after application.

The hand transforms into a sculptor

To provide even more pleasure and beauty benefits, Clarins has developed an exclusive self-massage method developed for stubborn curves. In just a few simple smoothing- pressure movements designed for each specific area of the body, it helps to encourage drainage as well as reshape and streamline each woman’s particular body contours.

clarins self massage body shaping technique


Why is it so hard to slim the abdomen, waist and arms area?

The first to target stubborn fat, existing mostly on the abdomen, waist and arms, Clarins -the body contouring expert – understands this and continually strives to provide women with the most effective and best adapted contouring products.

Stubborn fat appears on the abdomen, but also on the waist and arms. Whatever their cause − bad diet, lack of exercise, post-pregnancy − they are more prone to form here because the specific composition of abdominal fatty tissue is designed to store fat: composed of two levels of fat storage, this area also has a greater capacity for deformation of the skin. This encourages the accumulation of lipids and the excessive expansion of the abdominal area.

Clarins Solution

Get stubborn fat under control. This fact about the origin of stubborn fat led Clarins Research to an innovative conclusion: only an active ingredient capable of helping to limit the storage of stubborn fats and optimize the release of stubborn fats is really effective in the fight against excess fat. Today, Body Shaping Cream has taken up this challenge thanks to the discovery of an exceptional active ingredient whose scientific analysis has confirmed its double anti-lipogenesis and pro-lipolysis action: poppy extract.

clarins Body Shaping Cream_Poppy

Poppy: A colourful flower with a contouring secret

Spectacular scarlet blooms and silky petals

An iconic flower in Greek mythology and a symbol of strength and fragility, the delicate, brightly coloured poppy is found everywhere, from city landscapes to the painter’s canvas. But this simple, radiant, fragile flower also hides a contouring secret discovered by Clarins Laboratories. A key active ingredient with a double lipid-regulating action

Used for the first time in a Clarins contouring product, poppy extract has demonstrated – in in vitro studies carried out in Clarins Laboratories – its capacity to slow the storage of fats while also stimulating their release. Which is the most effective way to enable adipocytes to regain and maintain a balanced volume.

clarins body shaping cream herbarium

ingredients in the new Body Shaping Cream


Poppy and caffeine: the infallible slimming duo

Poppy extract is combined with caffeine, a leading lipolytic active ingredient which helps to reinforce the streamlining action of Body Shaping Cream to optimize release of fats. It is used in its most effective form thanks to the addition of sunflower phospholipids and escin from horse chestnut which optimize its penetration in the skin. The abdomen is streamlined, the waist refined and the arms better defined… the silhouette regains harmonious contours, even two weeks after stopping use of the product.

Organic quince and hibiscus

In addition to a contouring action, these two ingredients provide a more firming and embellishing benefits. Even though you slim down, the abdomen still lacks tone, the waist lacks definition and the arms lose their smooth, firm look. The culprit? Stretching of the skin which causes loss of tone in support tissues. Because it encourages the production of collagen 1* and also reinforces the contractile power of fibroblasts*, organic quince extract retightens the skin’s structure and helps restore its elasticity. Gently exfoliated with hibiscus flower acids and soothed with moisturizing betaine, the skin is firmer, smoother and softer and beautifully hugs your body’s contours

clarins satisfaction levels


*Based on 49 women who used the product over 4 weeks

Clarins Body Shaping rangeClarins’ range of body products are targeted at all sorts of body problems. Click to enlarge.


Availability: 1 May 2015

Price: SGD$88 


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