Beauty News: Innisfree launches the Whitening Pore Line of skincare products

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Get glowing with innisfree’s all new dual-functioning Whitening Pore Line!

Featuring fresh Jeju organic tangerine peel essence, these new products simultaneously inhibit melanin production and tighten pores

innisfree Whitening Pore Line_Set

Meet the new Whitening Pore Line, Korean naturalism brand innisfree’s latest range of dual-functioning whitening and pore care products that harnesses the extracts from organic Jeju tangerines to deliver smooth, luminous skin.

Parent company of innisfree, AmorePacific, did a cosmetic study on Asian women and found the direct correlation between pore size and skin tone. Enlarged pores lead to a rough and uneven skin texture that eventually leads to the appearance of a dull, dark overall skin tone. In view of this conclusive research, innisfree’s Whitening Pore Line is developed as an effective solution to brightening one’s skin, while treating pores concurrently to increase efficacy and visibility of results.

Hero product Whitening Pore Synergy Serum is an ampoule-essence combination that delivers clear, poreless skin through high levels of vitamins and flavonoids found in its key active ingredient, fresh tangerine peel essence.

innisfree Whitening Pore Synergy Serum posterExtraction of Jeju Organic Tangerine Peel Essence

The organic Jeju tangerine peel is enriched with ingredients that attribute a brightening effect on the skin. In fact, the tangerine peel has almost twice as much flavonoids, more than twice the amount of Vitamin C, and more than four times the amount of Vitamin E amongst other nutrients than found in the whole tangerine. Here’s a fun fact – the tangerine peel has long been used as medicinal herbs termed as dried orange peel, and it was said that eating the fruit and rubbing the peel on the skin would brighten up one’s skin!

Products under the Whitening Pore Line consist of fresh tangerine peel essence that undergo an upgraded extraction process to better refine the key, active ingredient. Using only high, direct pressure to extract the essence from the tangerine peel, the process is conducted without any additional heating element that might alter the ingredient.

The essence is then purified with a mineral filter, and the end product is a highly concentrated tangerine essence consisting of six citrus flavonoids (Narirutin, Tangeritin, Hesperidin, HMF, Poncirin, Nobiletin) that are identified to be excellent brightening and pore care agents. These citrus flavonoids work to complement a whitening skincare regime by inhibiting melanin creation to deliver a fairer complexion, and at the same time, promoting collagen growth to smooth and tighten pores.

innisfree New Whitening Pore Line

With product offerings tailored for different skincare steps, the Whitening Pore Line improves overall skin tone and adds a luminescence to one’s complexion with its brightening formula.


innisfree Whitening Pore Synergy SerumWhitening Pore Synergy Serum (50ml), S$54

The Whitening Pore Synergy Serum contains 82% fresh tangerine peel essence, and a single pump offers the combined goodness of an ampoule and the essence simultaneously for an intensive whitening treatment.

The synergy serum brightens dull and uneven skin tone, smoothens pore texture and diminishes dark spots by inhibiting melanin creation, ultimately leaving clear, glowing skin.

Product review here



innisfree White Pore Facial Cleanser


White Pore Facial Cleanser (150ml) – S$20

The White Pore Facial Cleanser is a brightening cleansing foam containing Kaolin, a white clay ingredient that effectively absorbs skin’s impurities and sebum while deep cleansing the pores.

Orange-coloured capsules consisting of papain enzymes produce a massaging effect that removes old, dead skin cells that brighten up the skin and smoothen the complexion.



innisfree Whitening Pore Skin
Whitening Pore Skin (150ml) – S$42

The double layer essential Whitening Pore Skin contains 73.4% fresh tangerine peel essence to combat uneven skin tone and enlarged pores.

Comprising of both lotion and skin components within a single product, the natural oil essence creates smooth, supple skin, whilst the Western milfoil extract in the latter promotes skin turnover to unveil a brighter skin tone.


innisfree Whitening Pore Eye CreamWhitening Pore Eye Cream (30ml), S$47

The Whitening Pore Eye Cream offers both whitening and wrinkle care effects and contains 60.2% fresh tangerine peel essence.

With shea butter as its other ingredient, the eye cream offers replenishing moisture whilst brightening and strengthening the thin, sensitive skin around the eyes.



 innisfree Whitening Pore CreamWhitening Pore Cream (50ml), S$47

Consisting of 73.8% fresh tangerine peel essence as well as lecithin, the Whitening Pore Cream delivers clear, smooth, luminous skin whilst strengthening its moisture barrier at the same time. Light and cool to the touch, the cream lathers on easily and allows for easy absorption; forming a breathable, protective layer around the skin.


Innisfree Whitening Pore Synergy products are now available at all innisfree outlets at the following outlets:

  •  Takashimaya Shopping Centre, #B2-34/35, Tel: 6733 6728
  • Plaza Singapura, #01-63/64, Tel: 6336 3179
  • Bugis Junction, #01-109/110, Tel: 6238 0129
  • JEM, #02-36, Tel:  6334 6387 (opening 1 April 2015)
  • Tampines Mall, #01-35/36/37 (opening May 2015)

Find out more about innisfree here: and


3 thoughts on “Beauty News: Innisfree launches the Whitening Pore Line of skincare products

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  2. have you tried any products from this line? and do they work? tbh i just knew about this line bcs of your post so thank youu!! ;3; anyway, have you ever heard about jeju sparkling mineral water line that innisfree just recently launched too? do you think they would go well if combined with the whitening pore line?

    • Hello! Yes I’ve actually tried one from this line already – Whitening Pore Synergy Serum – you can search for it on my blog 🙂 I haven’t tried that new line so unfortunately I’m unable to help with that…

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