In Memory of Singapore’s Founding Father Lee Kuan Yew

I know I usually blog everyday, but today, there will be no beauty post in commemoration and mourning of my country’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew passing away.


I never actually thought I’d be so affected by this but I’ve actually been teary-eyed the entire morning. It’s like the passing of a very dependable figure who’s been the driving force of our country -where we little minion citizens could go about our everyday lives without having to worry about stuff that we’ve come to take for granted.  Without him, there’s an actual sense of insecurity, a loss of direction now. How will our country go on without him?  😦

SG50 Merlion crying LKY

Thank you for building a Singapore where I have housing, security, safety and basics that we don’t say thanks enough for  – such as an efficient transport system, a peaceful multi-racial society, clean air, running water in homes and more.

Yes you were iron-fisted, but you did what you had to do. In all aspects, you were like the strict Asian father, but only with several million children.

Thank you for using your brilliance and foresight for the good of our little red dot.

Thank you for building a country whose reputation is so renowned and trusted for so many reasons – as a financial haven, as a bustling city-state, as a low crime country, as a civilised country of citizens, as an example for many other developing countries and more.

Thank you for settling everything in our lives for us (infrastructure, amenities, social security, country defence) so that we could focus on growing individually.

Thank you for building a Singapore where women are equal and respected, and where I can go home at 3am and not have to worry about my safety.

Thank you for giving your life to build such a successful country.

Thank you LKY, for everything you’ve done. I wish you could have lived to see our SG50 celebrations – something you worked so ceaselessly and tirelessly for years. I wish I could pen more, but words cannot express my feelings now. 😦

Rest in peace, sir. Your legacy will continue, and we will work hard to not let you down.







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