Beauty News: The Body Shop Launches its Fuji Green Tea Collection

~Helllooo world. This is the first of my newly-launched category entitled “NEW! Beauty Launches”  From now on, I will be publishing news about new launches/releases on this site as and when I receive the press information.

Note that those classified under this category will be solely reproductions of the press releases I got – the actual product reviews will follow  after.  Why? Cos like me, I know you guys can’t wait to find out about the latest launches, and I feel kinda bad if I were to make you wait till I finished reviewing the product (which could take a couple of weeks,  if not more. What I can do? #onefaceonly).

So here you have it – the very first of (hopefully) many more product release news! ~

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Group shot
The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea collection



We all know that green tea has antioxidant qualities. With its detoxifying health benefits, green tea has been revered for over 400 years in social and cultural activities, including the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

But did you know that some Japanese women apply it to their skin and bathe in it? It’s a skincare secret that’s been part of beauty regimes for generations, believed to help retain moisture and tighten pores.

We’ve taken this knowledge a step further, creating Fuji Green TeaTM range, the first body range infused with real green tea leaves and their benefits. We’ve been picky though, quite literally.

Our green tea comes from the heartland of Japan, the pristine Mount Fuji region. Here, our experts hand-pick the finest shoots to capture the potent antioxidant power. We infuse this in to our range to replenish and refresh with pure moisture for healthier-feeling skin. – The Body Shop

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea 2

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea 3



Availability: From 2 April 2015 onwards

Review link: To come soon


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