Review: Belif Velvety Coat Hand Cream

When I was on my trip for Laneige’s Global Beauty Camp, I learned from one of the other journos that your hands are the first signs of age betrayal (and here I was thinking it’d be the neck or the eyes). Ah well. In any case, it doesn’t matter – your body deserves to be taken care of from top to toe, and this includes your hands. It’s important that you have a good hand cream to keep them moisturised and line-free, especially in this age of non-stop texting and Candy Crushing.

belif velvety coat hand cream (1)belif Velvety Coat Hand Cream – $26


belif velvety coat hand cream (2)

belif velvety coat hand cream (3)

belif velvety coat hand cream (4)

belif velvety coat hand cream (5)


I say…

The Packaging: It’s a larger-than-normal tube of hand cream, measuring in at 12.5cm (cap included) and about 4.5cm wide. It’s pretty stable cos of the rounded cap bottom, (that, along with its 60ml weightage). It’s pretty fuss-free and simple.

The Application: Well, this is a no-brainer – simply twist open the cap and squeeze out the hand cream through the tiny little hole (which allows for an appropriate amount to be dispensed).

The Scent: I love the scent – a good mix of herbal products that don’t overpower the senses. It smells somewhat like the other belif products as well.

The Texture: It’s a medium-weight cream that helps in hydrating and rejuvenating tired dry hands. However, there is a very slight remnant layer on the skin despite repeated masssaging in of the product. There’s a slight sheen over the skin (which I’m guessing is some film to help seal in the moisture), but I’m not a fan of this. Also, I noticed that when I went to wash my hands, I could feel a distinct residual layer of hand cream over my skin (kinda more slippery, like residual conditioner that wasn’t cleansed off).

The Verdict: Yes, it helps to hydrate and soothe the skin on the hands after they’ve been through a typing storm, and yes, I do love the scent. It also has a huge volume that could probably last the entire year, especially if you take into account the fact that a little droplet can go a long, long way.  However, it has a somewhat medium-heavy texture that I’m not particularly a fan of – I like my hand creams to make do like Superman – in and out without a trace. I’m also not particularly fond of that residual layer when I wash my hands, so I’m probably gonna give this one a pass (as in passing it on to those who are in greater need of moisture). I personally still prefer Laneige’s Hand Creams.



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