Review: CNP Laboratory Daily Peeling Foam

I recently did a V-line facial laser treatment at CNP Skin Clinic in Seoul, and because of it, I now have a firmer, tauter and more defined jawline (yay!) Even though there wasn’t much downtime, I did have to take a step back in terms of my skincare regime in order not to aggravate the freshly-lasered skin. All I had to do was cleanse and apply a light moisturiser – however, being so used to the deep cleansing abilities of the Clarisonic, I couldn’t help but feel like the skin needed a deeper cleanse, which is why I resorted to this one.

CNP Laboratory daily peeling foam (1)CNP Laboratory Daily Peeling Foam


CNP Laboratory daily peeling foam (2)

CNP Laboratory daily peeling foam (3)

CNP Laboratory daily peeling foam (4)

CNP Laboratory daily peeling foam (5)

CNP Laboratory daily peeling foam (6)

CNP Laboratory daily peeling foam (7)


I say…

The Packaging: It comes in a rather stocky fat bottle with a pump dispenser. One pump unleashes a rather big pearl of product, but cos I usually apply it on the entire face, I find that I need about 3-5 pumps (depending on how dirty my skin feels on that day).

The Texture: It’s a rather thick, transparent gel that spreads easily. Thankfully, it doesn’t drip or slide down the face because of its viscosity.

The Scent: There’s a slight herbal-minty scent that’s refreshing.

The Application: I find that the best way is to apply it onto dry skin – simply slather it on and watch /feel as the bubbles build up into a slight tingling tickling sensation. Note that the bubbles won’t arise if there’s moisture in your skin, or if you’ve just freshly cleansed it (I found out when I tried to use this as a double-cleanser and it failed). It doesn’t remove makeup (see photos above), so don’t ditch your makeup removers just yet.

  • Beauty Tip: I find that the best method of using this is either a) in the morning when you’ve just woken up, or b) about 30 mins after your daily cleanse, after your skin is thoroughly dried. I find it a great follow-up product for the gentle CNP Laboratory A-Clean Purifying Foaming Cleanser.

The Verdict: After about 20 minutes of feeling the bubbles tickling the skin while I watch Running Man, I rinsed it away to reveal softer and distinctively cleaner skin. It’s perfect for those who don’t have a cleansing gadget and still want a  deeper pore cleansing product that isn’t too harsh or stripping. So far, I’ve used it for more than a month at 2-3x weekly, and I haven’t had an adverse reaction yet. The skin feels hydrated (not stripped of moisture), and clean enough to receive the skincare goodness that will come after. Plus, because of the bubble-motion exfoliation and cleansing, it’s perfect for lazy bums like me 😀



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