Review / Facial: Hadara Dermagold Power Facial and Lazer Glow

I visited Hadara a couple a of weeks ago (ok fine, so perhaps it might have been a month ago – I’ve lost track of timeeeeee) and I underwent this facial. Back then, I was suffering from a rather bad clogged skin issue, so the first thing I must say is that Hadara is AWESOME at extracting them trapped dirt and grime. It might be a little too Rambo style for those who prefer a gentler approach though, cos the therapist will go in guns a-blazin’ (well, needles and extraction sticks a-blazin’, to be more preceise), and she will get them buggers out.

Right then, enough with the raving and back to the reviewing.

Hadara Dermagold FacialTwas a cold and rainy day when I arrived, which explains the fogged up class (which kinda gives it a more Christmassy feel, yes?)

Hadara Aesthetics Boutique is located at 23 Lorong Telok #01-01, Singapore 049035. This is somewhere near OCBC / UOB buildings in the CBD area.

Hadara Dermagold Facial (1)The interior of Hadara and the waiting area – it’s a cleanly designed  area with a shelf of their own products named Dermagold.

Hadara Dermagold Facial (2)The waiting area is literally a waiting area – seat for one, only. Not that I’m fussed – I was ushered in almost immediately and didn’t have to wait long.

Hadara Dermagold Facial (3)

Hadara Dermagold Facial (4)Some of the DermaGold products on display. These products are the brainchild of 2 of the 3 founding partners and are made without mineral oil, alcohol denat, silicones and parabens.

Hadara Dermagold Facial (5)The room: A simple, clean and amply-lit room with the treatment bed and the usual cupboard for storage of belongings.

I underwent the Hadara Power Facial (60 mins) –  $150 as well as a Lazer Glow Therapy ($78). It commenced with the usual:

Cleansing: With Dermagold Cleansing Milk (which I love! It felt so soft and soothing on the skin)

Double cleanse: Round 2 to remove dirt and excess makeup.

Exfoliating: A gentle scrub is applied to the skin in gentle circular massaging motions.

Steaming: 10-15 mins to soften the skin and to get the pores to open.

Extraction: Holy momma. This is da bomb. I’ve gone through some facials where they make some half-hearted attempt to get the crap outta your skin, and they give up. This means that the skin is already inflamed, and I end up with a ginormous pimple a couple of days later. But no, none of that here. The therapist does. not. give. up. until that blackhead/whitehead/craphead is outta your skin. This means you will also have to have a high tolerance for pain. It’s not a must though – if you don’t want it, just let her know to skip it. During this portion, she also analysed the type of dirt that was expelled/dug out from the skin and gave some advice on the type of cleanser I should be using, which is kinda interesting.

Application of cold gel: Essentially, this is a similar gel to the type that they use for leg IPLs. See photo below.

Hadara Dermagold Facial (7)

Hadara Dermagold Facial (8)This machine –  a D’Light Machine from Korea – is then rolled out. The intensity of the light pulse can be adjusted to suit your skin without the need to change the attachment head. Similar to IPL, there’s a warming sensation and very bright lights (you’ll have some goggles on, so fret not). There’s no pain whatsoever – I vaguely remember dozing off at this point. This machine is said to bring about firming and radiance to the skin.

The cold gel is then removed, and the next machine is rolled out.

Hadara Dermagold Facial (6)The Cutie machine (yes, that is the literally translated name from the Korean wordings).

Hailing from Korea, this Cleopine Air Spray contains Cleopine ampoules containing fermented peptides from Korean mushrooms created by a Korean doctor (tbh, this was one of the key reasons to me agreeing to try on this facial. I am just such a sucker for anything Korean). The ampoules are FDA approved as well, so don’t be worrying if some of it gets into your mouth accidentally (not that it actually happened).

The gun portion of the machine will spray a fine mist all over your face, and this mist is said to bring about anti-ageing benefits, whitening and skin tone improvement.

Next up, a hydra recovery gel will be applied over the face, followed by a facial massage utilising the lymphatic system. You can request for differing levels of pressure – I’m totally a chickadee so I asked for soft, like tofu. like my skin. not. Hahah.

Anyhoos, the last skincare step was the application of this soft heavy mask.

Hadara Dermagold Facial (9)Yes, yes, not the most flattering of photos (but on the bright side, you can barely recognise that it’s me). The thick mask is applied over a mesh on top of your skin to calm your skin down.

During this time, you’ll also get a shoulder and scalp massage.

And voila, that’s it!

Hadara Dermagold Facial (10)And here I am!

I’d say that my skin was rather smoothed for a couple of days after the facial – which I attribute to the very thorough extraction. Thankfully, I didn’t have any particular breakouts (despite using Dermagold products for the first time), and my skin seemed a tad bit more radiant.

The Hadara Power Facial costs $150 and lasts for 60 mins, comprising the following:

  • Cleanse
  • Steam
  • Extraction
  • Massage/lymphatic drainage
  • Korean Cleopine air spray
  • Mask

The Hadara Lazer Glow Therapy is an express lunchtime skin rejuvenation & anti-‐aging treatment with Korean D-­light at $78

Quote Beautifulbuns and get 10+10 Hadara Power Facial at only $1500 (Valid till 31st March 2015)

Hadara Aesthetics Boutique

23 Lorong Telok #01-01

Singapore 049035

Tel: 6969 3022

For more information, visit their website Hadara Aesthetics, or their Facebook page or even say hi on Instagram


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