Review: Les Merveilleuses Laduree Touch-Up Foundation

Sorry for the slight hiatus guys – if you’ve been following me on IG, you’ll probably know that I’ve been buried under a mound of Maid Of Honour work for the BFF (which by the way appeared in today’s Straits Times and MyPaper cos her wedding had charitable cause). I was totally stressed out and didn’t have much time to rest, much less blog. And since I was minion of the day, I knew I would have to bring out the most hardy and efficient makeup items, including this one.


Laduree Touch-Up Foundation Les Merveilleuses Laduree Touch-Up Foundation



Laduree Touch-Up Foundation (1)

Laduree Touch-Up Foundation (2)A very tiny pinhole opening


Laduree Touch-Up Foundation (3)

Laduree Touch-Up Foundation (4)

Laduree Touch-Up Foundation (5)

 I say…

  • The Packaging: This comes in the signature Laduree packaging – like their lippie, this also comes in a pink, floral, delicate, and pretty box).
  • The tube packaging itself is also decorated with emblems, and is a squeezy tube that isn’t too soft (resulting in too much product being accidentally squeezed out) nor too tough (so you don’t have to flex any muscles to get the foundation out either).
  • The cap is a screw-on type, and the hole is rather small (and when compared with the consistency of the foundation, requires a little more effort to get it out).
  • The Scent: It smells (pardon the pun) Les Merveilleuses indeed (which means “wonderful” in French).
  • The Product: It goes over the existing foundation/ BB rather smoothly.
  • A little droplet goes a long way, if you blend out out properly.
  • The consistency is slightly on the thicker side – it’s more thick smooth cream than watery gel.
  • Due to its thick consistency, it also means that coverage is pretty good – I’d give it a 8/10.
  • Because the texture is thick, use this sparingly – aka don’t be slathering it on, cos it can get rather cakey (especially when combined with the semi-matte finish as well as skin sebum).
  • The finish is more matte.
  • I’d recommend this for usage on areas of your skin that aren’t dry (such as the cheeks), and just stick to the corners of the nose, the chin, or for greater spot coverage. Make sure that you dab with a tissue to remove excess oil and dirt before applying this.
  • Again, because of its consistency, I wouldn’t recommend this for under-eye usage cos it can emphasis any millia seed bumps you might have there, and can get a little bit cakey on non-grease producing zones.
  • Make sure that the shade is similar to the BB/foundation that you’re using for the day – this shade 01 has a slightly yellowish tinge to it.


Overall: Although the usage is rather limited (I’d prefer not to use this under the eyes or on the drier cheek portions),  it’s a handy little tube to carry around for touch-ups, especially if you’re strapped for space and can’t carry around a BB cushion.





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