Giveaway: 15 Days of Christmas Love – Kiehl’s

Because I’ve been hastagged #onefaceonly all too many times, I know that too much skincare (as much as it is a blessing), can be hard to finish in a short period of time. On the other hand, other daily essentials such as body shower gels and shampoos are consumed in a much larger quantity, which is why this should come in handy for one lucky winner!

15daysxmaslove giveaway kiehls

This is what I mean with my tagline – because every part of you can be beautiful, even your buns – you’ll be literally swarthed from top to toe in this luxurious and body-pampering products from Kiehl’s 😀

This is a set of Aromatic Blends products consisting of:

  • Aromatic Blends Eau de Toilette 30ml
  • Body Lotion 250ml,
  • Body Cleanser 250ml
  • Amino acid shampoo 65ml
  • Amino acid conditioner 65ml

Total value – $150 (now think about it, when’s the last time your body was accustomed to non-drugstore branded products?)


To have a chance of winning, follow my below instructions (please read carefully!):

You can join this giveaway using Email, Facebook, Instagram. You can use 1 method, and you can use all.

This means that if you send in via email, you’ll get 1 chance* of winning this hamper.

However, for an extra chance, repost the above photo of the Kiehl’s hamper onto Instagram, insert the hashtag #15DaysOfChristmasLove and then send in your email entry (you must still send in an email!) note: only for valid Instagram accounts – reposting on Instagram accounts set up specifically for giveaway purposes will not be accepted. You must also be my follower on Instagram. 

And if you’d like to have yet another extra chance, share the link of this blog entry onto your Facebook account, and then send in your email entry (yes, eventually, you can’t avoid the email submission).

* (a chance means a slip of paper with your name will go into the relatively unglam empty tissue paper box that I’ll be drawing the winner’s name out from. E.g. if you sent in an email and reposted the photo on IG, 2 slips of paper bearing your name will go into the box. If you’ve made the colossal effort of reposting onto IG as well as Facebook, you’ll get 3 slips of paper bearing your name and triple the chances of being selected!). 

Send an email to with the following details:

  • Email header “15 Days of Christmas Love – I wanna win the Kiehl’s hamper!”.
  • Name
  • Mobile number
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Instagram ID if you have reposted the photo (pls make sure your profile is not private, or else I won’t be able to check that you’ve reposted the photo)
  • Facebook page link if you have reposted the link of this blog entry (please also make sure that your profile is not private, or else I won’t be able to check that you’ve reposted the link).

I hope this isn’t too confusing for you guys – Lemme know if I can further clarify if you have any questions?

Otherwise, let the giveaway commence! 

Terms & conditions: Only open to those residing in Singapore (because our local post office restricts the shipping of liquids out of our country). You may participate in all the giveaways if you wish. Winners will be chosen at random and notified via email. If winner does not respond to the notification email within 2 days (48 hours), a new winner will be redrawn. Collection can be done in person or via registered postage. Giveaway will close at 11.59pm, 12 Dec 2014 Friday.

 – 15 Dec 2014 Update: CONGRATULATIONS JODIE! Enjoy the hamper you’ve won! –


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