Review: Kiehl’s Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum

I’ve had an insane schedule last week and now, I’m really paying the price – the pimples are popping out like fan girls at the airport awaiting a Kpop star, while the eye bags would probably had incurred so much extra baggage charges if I were at an airport.

I’m desperately trying various types of stuff to help alleviate the horror (without overloading the skin) and here’s one that seems to be helping keep the lines at bay.

Kiehls Eye Opening serumKiehl’s Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum


Kiehls Eye Opening serum1

Kiehls Eye Opening serum2


Kiehls Eye Opening serum3

Kiehls Eye Opening serum5

Kiehls Eye Opening serum6


I say…

  • The bottle is rather tiny, measuring in at a mere 8.5cm including the cap (and pump), and 4.5cm for just the body containing the product.
  • It comes with a pump system that’s both hygienic and handy – it dispenses just enough for both eyes.
  • The eye serum is a pearleque lightweight gel that’s scentless.
  • It’s rather easily absorbed – you need to do some minor patting and light massaging to maximise the benefits.
  • Because it’s already got a somewhat pearly sheen, it does provide an instant brightening effect based solely on the product’s colour.
  • It has a refreshing feel on the skin after application.
  • I also find that the fine lines are lessened and the skin under the eye feels firmer (yay!)
  • Thankfully, it hasn’t given me any millia seeds so far – which can be possible if you apply creams that are too heavy in texture.

Overall: I’m a fan of any eye product that doesn’t exacerbate the condition of the existing millia seeds, so this is one to keep. It refreshes, brightens, lifts and hydrates the skin, and is lightweight enough to not annoy the crap outta my hate-anything-thick self 😀



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