Review: Sifu at Bugis Junction

I don’t usually do food reviews, but hey, a girl has to eat to sustain herself ya’know? Eating lipsticks can only get me that far hurhurhur. Since it’s a nice cooling day (what with the morning storm), I’m currently having a major must-eat-everything craving, and I’ve decided to inflict this upon you 😀 Commence the food porn~!

Sifu Food Tasting store front

Sifu Food Tasting (4)

Located at Bugis Junction (the former MOS Burger, at the area where everyone illegally jaywalks to get to the food street at Liang Seah), SIFU is a HK casual cafe-restaurant and features a host of Asian dishes including all-day dimsum.

Now its name SIFU is a play on the Mandarin word 師父, which is pronounced the same way “ssshhh-foo”, and means “master” or “teacher” in Cantonese. C’mon, I know you know it – especially if you’ve watched Kungfu Panda.


Sifu Food Tasting (20)Not sure what to order? Choose from their 8 Signature Dishes.


Sifu Food Tasting (2)Now, as much as I know that HK places are famed for their milk-tea and variations of it, I highly recommend the Yuzu tea as your beverage of the day, simply cos it has a slight tangy sour-sweetness that helps open up your taste buds and also aid in digestion


Sifu Food TastingStarting off our meal with their Handmade Pillow Buns  which come in  four flavours in terms of fillings – traditional savoury Char Siew (Roasted Pork),  creamy Sweet Custard, Azuki (Japanese Red Bean) Custard and refreshing Yuzu Cheese.

Sifu Food Tasting bunsThese buns are all handmade and utilise the same technique as the xiaolongbao – leaving a cavity of air at the top.

Sifu Food Tasting (1)Clearly I’m no knife ninja – I tried my best not to massacre the buns for this shot.


Sifu Food Tasting (3)As you can see, they’re not the usual dimsum-bao types of bun (the white 馒头 types) – instead, it’s more of the hotdog-bun type of buns, but way softer and fluffier. These are totally a must-try, and I like all of ’em (except the Yuzu Cheese, simply cos I’m not a cheesey dairy sort of person).  Each bun costs $1.20 and a box of eight buns costs $9.60.


Sifu Food Tasting (8)Pulled Pork Ribs Chinese-style Slider ($4.80)

I  never thought I’d see the day where Chinese food used the words “slider”, but oh well, I have to move with the times. This dish has the type of Chinese Lotus Leaf Bun that’s usually paired with fatty pork slices, (giving you the kong bak pau), but in  SIFU’s variation, you get shredded caramalised roasted pork paired with crunchy greens for a refreshing balance. It is a good (and healthier option) to fans of kong bak pau, but can get a little messy to eat cos the pork is so tender that it starts falling out.


Sifu Food Tasting (6)Prawn Toast Rectangles ($8.80 for a plate of 4 slices)

These are served piping hot, and according to my friend, the prawn mash portion is soft and tender while the bread is crisp on the outside but soft on the inside without being overly greasy. (I’m unable to give my opinion on this cos I’m allergic to prawns)


Sifu Food Tasting (7)I’m particularly excited about this dish (unfortunately I don’t remember the name of it), but it’s essentially a salad but with silverfish that gives you double crunch when you bite down. The special sauce also gives it a rather savoury and yet refreshing taste. Definitely something I would re-order or eat on a binge day.


Sifu Food Tasting (5)Caramelised Roasted Ribs ($3.90 per rib)

I’m never one to order ribs in public cos it’s one of the toughest things (along with chicken wings) to eat using a fork and knife (especially if the meat isn’t cooked properly or is too tough) These SIFU ribs literally fall off the bone (yay!) and have a rich caramelised taste. If I’m not wrong, it’s the same type of meat served for the Slider. Each order is served as a single rib so that you don’t fill up your tummy and have room to try other stuff on the menu.



Sifu Food Tasting (10)Signature Roasted Chicken Thigh and Shrimp Dumpling Soup Noodles ($10.80)


Sifu Food Tasting (11)Perfect for cold days like today, this dish comes with a rich broth and a special beehoon  that’s a cross between vermicelli and local beehoo – it’s springier and not as thin as normal bee hoon, but isn’t overly filling like the yellow noodles.


Sifu Food Tasting (12)

Sifu Food Tasting (13)Huge dumplings that are handmade and wrapped with a skin that’s not too thick.



Sifu Food Tasting (14)Pork Chop with Noodles

This dish comes covered with a semi-mountain of shredded cabbage…


Sifu Food Tasting (15)…which you can push aside to unveil an equally large slab of meat.

The meat isn’t overly tough – it’s not because SIFU uses tenderisers. Instead, it’s hand pounded by the chefs,  so what you get is good ole’ thoroughly and carefully cooked meat.


Sifu Food Tasting (16)Homemade Beef Stew Rice ($10.80)

Aren’t the two eensy weensy quail egg halves on top of the rice the cutest?  This dish is very reminiscent of my granny’s cooking.  This full-flavoured dish of beef, carrots and radish is one of SIFU’s top three dishes and is served with rice (instead of the traditional noodles).


Sifu Food Tasting (17)The beef is cooked for six hours to tenderise and fully absorb the flavours of the herbs and seasoning, so the meat is yummy from outside to inside. Even the radish has fully soaked up all the “juices” and is so flavourful.


By this time, I was bursting at the seams, but hey, there’s always room for dessert. Always. No negotiation 😀


Sifu Food Tasting (18)Milk Pudding ($5.80)

I love, love this dessert – it’s essentially milky goodness in a jar. The pudding itself is so creamy and smooth (without being overly solidified) and is covered with fine “sawdust” (finely crushed biscuits) topping for that little extra texture when you’re eating it.  The serving is rather large, so it’s good for two persons to share – or not, if you’re greedy like I am 😀

Sifu Food Tasting (19)

Overall, SIFU is a pretty affordable place to eat and catch up with your friends at – the ambience is a bustling one (much akin to your usual HK cafes) and the food’s pretty yummy.


SIFU is located at:

Bugis Junction, #01-69,

200 Victoria Street, Singapore 188021

Tel: +65 6337 7613

Open daily from 11:30am to 10:00pm daily


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