Event: Christmas 2014 at Guerlain

One of my pals Grego (a famed Singapore makeup artist) is one of the most positive persons I’ve ever met in my life. Seriously, the dude is almost literally sprouting rainbows and glitter sparkles. I love that he’s always so optimistic, and has such a kind heart – I guess it could rub off on people around him. I’ve now learned to take things more positively, such as the fact that me being broke on the very same day that I get my salary is a good thing (damn you bills!). Why? Or else I’d be tempted to buy every single item I see at the recent influx of Christmas offering previews.

Guerlain Christmas 2014 (1)With a flourish and a flamboyant hand on waist, Guerlain’s International Makeup Artist Jose Luis kicks off the event


Guerlain Christmas 2014 (2)Using the products from this festive season, he created a wearable daily look for Joy…


Guerlain Christmas 2014 (3)…and then went full-scale sexy Parisien glamour for this other blogger, which included spritzing her extremely liberally with the Coque D’Or Ambiance (a very lightweight and super sparkly all-over shimmer)


Guerlain Christmas 2014 (4)Even the host wasn’t spared – Using the Night At The Opera palette, he created more definition and depth to her eyes.


Guerlain Christmas 2014 (5)Time for product porn – it’s meteorites galore! The one in the centre is this season’s special edition – the Guerlain Meteorites Perles d’etoile, which is a super shimmer sparkle.



Guerlain Christmas 2014 nails

Guerlain Christmas 2014 lips

Guerlain Christmas 2014 lipstick


Guerlain Christmas 2014 (7)

guerlain 2014_XMAS_FAP DUO combinedColour Fusion Eyeshadows in two variations

  • The 10 Cygne Noir harmony pairs shimmering silver black alongside plum with copper glints for a sexy intense night look.
  • The 11 Cygne Blanc harmony combines silvery ballerina pink and frosted white for a fresh, pure and dazzling effect.


Guerlain Christmas 2014 (8)The Petrouchka Night At the Opera Eyes & Blush palette comes with a red fabric elastic bow that can be used as a hair tie. Pretty! It’s also inspired by the curtain detail at the opera.


Guerlain Christmas 2014 night at the operaI love the this palette which has two tiers – one with eyeshadow colours, which flips up to reveal a blusher palette. Total. Score.



Guerlain Christmas 2014 (6)And here’s the full collection in all its gold glory 😀

Guerlain Christmas 2014 featured2

Guerlain Christmas 2014 full collectionAvailable at all Guerlain beauty counters now


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