Review: The Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell

Now I know I’m usually all jolly and merry (with a happy belly), but this morning, I’m in such a grumpy angsty mood – in fact, the only way anyone can outdo me is if they were to simultaneously break all their lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes at the same time while having a strand of hair stuck down their bum crack. Gah. you may call me Grumpolas.

The source of my angst: I was in a slow-moving cab heading to work when I got stuck behind a slow-moving bus. And then a slow-moving car. And finally, a slow-moving rubbish truck. And guess what? It all took place at 5.30am, when there’s usually no traffic. Gah. Like Evita, my wallet is singing “Don’t cry for me, you can’t eat pizza”. Or something something.

I’m lethargic when I’m in bed (well, who isn’t?), but when it comes to work, I’m all about efficiency and speed. Similarly, I expect my makeup items to perform the same (high standards considering they’re innate objects). BB cushions are one item that thankfully up the convenience factor when it comes to applying base makeup.

The Face Shop Cushion Screen CellThe Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell – SGD$49.90

Refill retails for SGD$38.90


The Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell infor



The Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell (1)It’s a familiar packaging – a compact opens to reveal a tray that holds the puff and also seals in the moisture beneath…


The Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell (2)… but here’s where it differs from the rest of the cushions – there’s a stretchy fabric that stands in between your puff and the BB-holding cushion


The Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell (3)

The Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell (5)

The Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell (4)

The Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell (6)

The Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell (7)1 hour after application – yes yes, I know, grumpy face much. Lips dabbed with a very very light layer of Aritaum’s Honey Melting Tint


I say…

  •  By now, the packaging shouldn’t be a stranger to you (if you’ve been reading my blog, or are into Korean beauty products).
  • It’s a compact that has a case that acts as a puff holder and also “seals in” the moisture of the cushion (to avoid it evaporating).
  • There’s no scent to the product.
  • When you first apply it, it comes across as being somewhat matte, but somehow morphs into a mostly-dewy finish.
  • It’s easy to apply and blend, but there’s no need to drag the puff across the face – apply it with gentle dabbing-patting motions.
  • It sets in very easily and leaves no streaking.
  • Finish: Mostly dewy (about 7.5 dewy: 2.5 matte). It brightens up the skin, but it also has that dewiness (a rather “damp” finish) that resulted in my hair strands getting temporarily stuck on the face if the wind blew. The corners of the nose and the undereyes also look slightly shiny because of the dewiness.
  • Coverage: I’d give it about 6.8/10. It covers most blemishes with just 1-2 layers, but you’ll need to pat on more layers for the dark eye circles.
  • Wear time: Sadly, this starts to oxidise after about 4 hours – I could see oxidised makeup combining with facial oil around the chin and the corners of the nose, leaving patchy makeup. It starts to melt away after about 4-5 hours as well – don’t leave home without your touch-up items.
  • Thankfully, the cheek area doesn’t become super dry after a long wear time.

I’d say this is a cushion for those with drier skintypes, or are residing in countries with drier climates. A combination of Singapore’s humid climate and my oily combi skin just doesn’t sit well with this Cushion Screen Cell. Sad face. For now, looks like my favourites will still remain as Laneige’s Pore Control BB as well as IOPE’s Air Cushion XP. 🙂



10 thoughts on “Review: The Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell

  1. New to your blog! I’m currently in the hunt for some good BB Cushion! I’ve only ever tried the one from Etude House. Which others would you recommend? I have oily skin!

      • Hi, does the Laneige Bb pore cushion clog your pores? I used Laneige Bb Cushion previously and it clogged mine big time. I have oily skin too.

      • Hello! I think it’s a pretty fair statement that all makeup, especially base products such as foundations and bb creams will clog your pores to a certain extent (considering that they’re meant to create a poreless and flawless look). I wouldn’t say this clogged my skin any more or less than any other cushion products, but the key is just to remove it properly at the end of the day. Unless you’re referring to the product sinking into the enlarged pores and looking very obvious? 🙂

      • Hi, thank you for your reply. Yah it does but I find that some clogs more than the other though the makeup removal method is the same. Like for me Laneige BB cushion clogs more than the rest. I tried innisfree jejubija bb cream it doesn’t clog my pores but find it a little drying nowadays hence hoping to try something else. Maybe I can give this Laneige Pore BB cushion a try and see how it goes. Like you mentioned, sometime it works well on one but not another like how Laneige Sleeping mask doesn’t fit your skin.

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