Review: Dior DiorSkin Star Foundation

Forget the whole debate about the chicken and the egg – one discussion that I refuse to be drawn into is whether it should be pronounced po-tay-to or po-tah-toe. In the end, we’re still talking about the same product – yummy, delicious starchy carbohydrates that take the form of fries, mashed potatoes and even chips (that add to the hips). The same goes for a BB cream and a foundation – no matter what some schools of thought might advocate – something about one clogging up the skin more than the other blah blah blah – I still think they’re more or less the same. They both cover my face and make me look less Sadako and more Sexy Scarlett.

DiorSkin Star FoundationDiorSkin Star Foundation


DiorSkin Star Foundation (2)In shade 010 Ivory (the lightest shade).





DiorSkin Star Foundation shadesAvailable in a wide rage of shades to suit all skin tones


DiorSkin Star Foundation (3)

DiorSkin Star Foundation (4)

DiorSkin Star Foundation (5)

DiorSkin Star Foundation (6)so happy with the finish that I’m putting an unusually large close-up of my face – see how it almost completely covers the enlarged pores?


DiorSkin Star Foundation (7)

I say…

  • It comes in a rather heavy glass bottle that’s rather short – it measures in at 11.5cm including the cap and the gap at the bottom. The actual portion that contains foundation measures about 7cm at most.
  • The pump system dispenses slightly lesser than the usual other foundations/bb creams, so you’ll need about 2-3 pumps to get enough for your whole face.
  • It smells superb – it’s so fragrant, and is a very typical scent associated with luxury products.
  • Some other blogs have mentioned that they found it to be a bit “sticky” – I wouldn’t exactly term it that way (cos then it means that whenever the wind blows my hair onto my face, it gets stuck there and never moves”. I do get what they’re trying to say though – although it is creamy and smooth, it doesn’t seem to glide as smoothly across the skin as other products, and doesn’t seem to spread as far.
  • I’m not sure about the particular reason why though – just imagine that instead of being able to spread the foundation from your chin to your cheekbone, you can only spread it from your chin to the middle of your cheeks aka halfway there.
  • I’m not too fussed about this though – it simply means more targeted application i.e. you dot your foundation on the chin, and apply it onto the chin. Dot it on your cheeks, and spread it around the cheeks.
  • That said, the finish is GORGEOUS. It’s more matte than glowy (about 75% matte: 25% glow).
  • It covers almost all the nasty bits (of the face, people, of mah face) such as the blemishes, spots, and even almost covers the enlarged pores. See picture above for proof (psst, I don’t Photoshop my pictures because a) I believe in not bullshitting you guys, and b) cos I’m too poor to buy a Photoshop program haaaaa).
  • Even the dark eye circles are very wonderfully covered – Yay! No need for concealer here (although I do love my Shiseido Eye Zone Corrector)
  • Beauty tip: Since this foundation doesn’t glide as smoothly, exercise more caution when applying this to under the eye. Avoid pulling your skin by patting several dots of foundation under the eye, and then slowly patting it in – don’t pull or drag the foundation as you normally would. Well, that’s what I sometimes do when I’m in a rush (yes, yes I know, the horror of it).
  • Oxidisation: It doesn’t leave bits of oxidised clumps on the skin even after 7 hours, but I can see it melting off hot oil-spots such as the corner of the nose and the chin. There was a very, very, very slight darkening in the foundation though, perhaps 20% of a shade tone, but nothing visible unless you’re filming a time lapse video for 8 hours.
  • Oil Control: I’d say this has medium oil control – some shine starting peeping out from under the foundation after about 6 hours.
  • Wear Time: Except for the oily T-zone areas, most of the foundation stayed rather long – I clocked about 8 hours.

Overall, I really, really like this foundation, despite its lack of fluidity. It gives a beautiful bright finish for healthy skin tone, lasts relatively long and smells great (might be insignificant to some, but me likey). And guess what? Although it does come with a beauty blender, I honestly don’t see the need for it. Whatever you see in the above photos were achieved with just the (third) finger. And maybe some help from the second and fourth.





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