Review/Facial: Qi Mantra Miracle Facial

Anddd it’s a new week! It’s time to bring on the new face in the best way you can – go for a facial! I’ve been on quite a spree of facials recently, and here’s one of the ones that yielded better results for me 😀

—About The Facial—

This facial incorporates the latest VPL technology and the Miracle Cell product. The combination of the two helps in the awakening of the skin cells while stimulating the growth of collagen.

Miracle cells are derived from Soy phyto placenta extract which is rich in protein and amino acids. The result from the facial is skin that glows from within, and is more supple. The skin will also be more firm and elastic – radiating with energy and vigour.

—Difference between IPL & VPL—

Everyone has heard of Intense Pulse Light (IPL) which is the intense focus of light therapy. This technology itself is very intense compared to Variable Pulse Light (VPL). VPL technology is more advanced and actually much safer than IPL. The intensity can be customised to suit each customer’s preference.

—What are Miracle Cells—

This Miracle Cell product consists of Stem cells from Korea. The product is derived from Soy Phyto Placenta Extract, and the usage of Soy Phyto Placenta extract is due to the bio-similarity it possesses to the human placenta. This extract is rich in amino acids and proteins, and hence aids in the repair process of the skin, and restores the youthful collagen while reducing signs of aging.

qi mantra miracle facial0Qi Mantra Wheelock

qi mantra miracle facialThe interior is pretty much simple and a little rustic and homely – none of the posh-nosh hoity-toity decor here.

qi mantra miracle facial1The treatment room is a decent-sized one that isn’t too claustrophobic or too small

qi mantra miracle facial2The view of the room from the top of the bed – the closet is for you to keep your belongings


qi mantra miracle facial3

And let the treatment commence!

  • Step 1: Inhalation – Opening of Meridian point using Lavender oil before proceeding to acupressure point head massage.
  • Step 2: Removal of makeup as well as facial cleansing. Psst: This even includes neck and décolletage cleansing, which I thought was a really considerate gesture 😀
  • Step 3: Toner – To balance PH level, even out pores and infuse vitamins and minerals
  • Step 4: Exfoliation – a steamer will be placed over your face (for about 5-10 mins prior) to soften your skin and help open up the pores, and an exfoliating scrub will be applied to the skin.
  • Step 5: VPL application – no, no, this doesn’t stand for visible panty line. It stands for Variable Pulse Light. Mine was set to a Yellow Light for sensitive skin (I was suffering from an acne outbreak at that time), so it can be customised to suit your skin’s needs at that moment.
  • Step 6: Extraction – A layer of Saponaria Linaria cream (black head softener cream) is applied to prepare your skin for extraction – I’m extremely impressed by this step, cos it’s a properly-done extraction with a sterilised needle to puncture the skin and remove the offensive clogged up stuff.
  • Step 7: Toner – For soothing & antiseptic purposes.
  • Step 8: Application of Stem Cell Ampoules, followed by acupressure point massage on face.
  • Step 9: Mask – A Stem Cell Lifting Mask is applied on your skin.
  • Step 10 + 11: Shoulder & scalp massage to help relax even more (if you aren’t half asleep at this point).
  • Step 12: The mask is then removed, and a hot compress is placed on your face.
  • Step 13: Toner and moisturiser is applied on your face.
  • Step 14: A hot towel is then placed on the back to remove the massage oil.

qi mantra miracle facial4And voila! My skin is clean, cleared, rejuvenated and hydrated 😀

The facial is said to provide the follow results:

  • Reconditioned skin texture, less redness and smoother, silkier skin.
  • Increase in elasticity and collagen
  • Provide antioxidant effects
  • Firm and lift
  • Shape and contour the face
  • Immediate glow from within

I did see an improvement in the skin’s texture (smoother!), and I’m pretty pleased to report that I suffered absolutely no outbreaks from this facial. Even after the rather intensive extraction session (the therapist was really, really thorough and I was so happy about that), I didn’t see any extra pesky pimples popping out after the session. The smooth-skin effects lasted about a week or so, and I’d say it’s the norm for most facials.

Miracle Facial lasts 90 minutes and costs $350. Available at Qi Mantra, #03-19 Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road S(238880) .


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