Review: CNP Laboratory CC Cream

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a CC Cream – I guess having #onefaceonly has its restrictions, no matter how round and large my face is. Hah. In any case, since my face has been rather dry recently (an unprecedented scenario), I figured there was no better time than now to dig out the moisturising dewy base makeup items.


CNP Lab CC CreamCNP Laboratory CC Cream


CNP Lab CC Cream1

CNP Lab CC Cream2

CNP Lab CC Cream4Since this shade is slightly darker than my usual skintone, I didn’t take a photo of me with it cos I didn’t want to warp your perception of it.


I say…

  • It comes in a rather chic-looking packaging, I must say.
  • The matte finish tube stands rather steadily on its own, and comes with a pump system for hygienic dispensing.
  • There’s a very faint scent to the CC cream.
  • It’s smooth, not overly watery nor thick, and spreads easily and smoothly over the skin.
  • Unlike some other CC creams, this doesn’t come with colour-changing molecules – what you see is mostly what you get.
  • The finish is rather glowy – say 60% matte to 40% glowy.
  • My glasses don’t slide down the nose that much (which is great!).
  • The coverage is just above average, say about 6.5/10, and is able to cover most blemishes and dark eye circles.
  • It’s not something that’s really heavy duty – more of something I’d wear for  a tea-time session with the girls but need slightly more coverage.
  • It doesn’t oxidise (yay!) but it does tend to slowly melt and disappear as the hours go by – so if you’re going to extend your hours outdoors, be sure to have something for touch-ups.
  • It definitely has more coverage than some other CC creams I’ve tried – kinda like a lightweight foundation, but with more moisture to the skin.

Overall, not a bad product to have if you’re looking to start on CC creams. In fact, you can even try it as  primer if you want – according to Makeup Artist Larry Yeo in this article I wrote, some CC creams are pretty decent primers. To be honest, I think CNP’s strengths lie in their skincare products, such as their anti-blemish day solution which I swear by.






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