Review: Illi Cleansing Foam

The hype about You Who Came From The Stars may have died down, but I’m still seeing Jeon Ji hyun’s gorgeous face everywhere – she’s apparently the face of Hada Labo now (which slightly confuses me, since I’m also seeing her face on Hanyul and Illi products). Ho hum. But then again, Kim Soo Hyun is the face for Beyond as well as The Face Shop.

Anyways, I’m sure the brands have so much faith in her selling ability – In fact, me too. I  mean, I’m living proof that as long as you stick her face onto some almost-legit looking product, I’ll buy it. Prime example: I immediately bought the Illi Moisture Cleansing Foam when I saw it in Olive Young, but ended up giving it away after less than one week’s usage simply cos the scent wasn’t to my liking.

Well, on the shelf next to that cleanser were two other Illi cleansers, and they also had stickers of Jeon Ji Hyun’s face on them. No prizes for guessing if I bought them 😀

Illi Cleansing FoamIlli Cleansing Foam

(although in Korean it says “Illi Total Ageing Cleansing Foam”)

Illi Cleansing Foam2A plastic mould put in place to prevent the pump from being depressed and dispensing the cleansing foam

Illi Cleansing Foam1

Illi Cleansing Foam3


Illi Cleansing Foam4 (ignore the long red mark – I accidentally scratched myself while rinsing. I told you I was am a klutz)


I say…

Sheesh, I seem to be running through my cleansing pretty quickly these days – I blame this on the weather, cos it makes my skin greasier so much faster, and I therefore have to clean it more often. Begone, all ye gross grease!

  • It comes in a convenient pump bottle that’s kept “locked” with a more sturdy slide-out plastic piece (which I really appreciate, cos then it’ll survive the trip back from Korea in my luggage without leaking all over my clothes).
  • The bottle itself is of average plastic material – not so flimsy, but not so tough either.
  • I’m not particularly sure why it’s called a Foam with it’s clearly a gel, but oh well – lost in translation, I suppose.
  • It’s got a very mild scent with a vague hint of cucumbers – it’s  a refreshing scent but without that strong astringent smell. Me quite likey.
  • The gel is transparent and rather lightweight – it’s not the thick honey-like viscous type, but slightly more watery.
  • I usually have 2 pumps for morning usage, and 3 pumps at night to ensure thorough makeup removal.
  • It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, non-stripped (aka none of the “tight” feeling), and clean.
  • In fact, I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin radiance after using it – it seems to have an overall healthier glow.
  • Beauty tip: When using with any cleansing gadget, I first apply it to my skin like any normal cleanser – working it up into a lather in damp palms and massaging the entire face (sans the eye area). Instead of rinsing off with water, I follow up with the Clarisonic’s full cycle, and then wash off with water.
  • It’s a rather mild cleanser, so if you’ve got the warpaint on, you might want to consider a double cleanse.

Overall, I do like this product. It does its job efficiently without any excess frills (in terms of fragrance or fancy packaging). It’s totally something I would repurchase 😀 Available from Korea – Olive Young, Watsons and Lotte Mart (yes I’ve seen this there before, along with other illi products such as their Body Serum and Body Skin)





4 thoughts on “Review: Illi Cleansing Foam

    • Oh dear, sorry to hear that. I went to the lotte mart at seoul station and also at lotte dept store myeongdong. For olive young, I visited several outlets but they’re mostly located at myeongdong and ewha / sinchon area. Did you try Watsons too? Sometimes they might have.

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