Review: Kose Infinity Cool Face Powder

Omg this is one product that I’ve been having fun playing with. Like Superman (who’s not a bird or a plane) – this one’s not a makeup powder nor a skincare liquid serum. Instead, it’s a two-in-one powder serum. Like woah, mindblown. The concept of dusting on my skincare (versus slathering it on in liquid form) is rather interesting, no?


Kose Infinity Cool Face PowderKose Infinity Cool Face Powder

Kose Infinity Cool Face Powder (1)

Kose Infinity Cool Face Powder (2)

Kose Infinity Cool Face Powder (3)

Kose Infinity Cool Face Powder (4)

Kose Infinity Cool Face Powder (5)

Kose Infinity Cool Face Powder (6)


I say…

  • The tub comes with rather large circles to dispense the powder, which I do so by tapping the sides.
  • Unfortunately, the holes are rather large , so I end up with a mushroom-shaped plume of powder most of the time.
  • There’s no scent to the powder.
  • Upon initial application – here’s where you go “oooh” and “aahh” – it instantly cools your skin down. Just swipe the brush gently over the skin, and it feels like you’ve brushed damp bristles over your skin (but your skin is still dry).
  • It leaves my skin feeling matte and velvety.
  • However, since this is marketed as an 80% serum content, I take it to mean that it’s supposed to be more skincare than an actual makeup powder.
  • The recommended application technique is as the last step of your skincare and head to bed with it. Thus far, I haven’t seen any particular improvement in my skin texture nor hydration levels.
  • I have also tried applying it as a finishing loose powder, but find that it doesn’t do anything in terms of extending the wear time, nor increasing the hydration levels.
  • It does, however, brighten the skin very so slightly.
  • In addition, I’ve also heard from my adorable geeky friend Musicalhouses that one of its ingredients – aluminium chloride – isn’t the best for your body, so refrain from inhaling too much of it during application.

It’s great for cooling down your skin on hot days – kinda like an instant-cool thingy, (plus, it leaves no white residue) , but somehow, I’m not feeling this product as an actual skincare item. But it still is a novelty item.  For hydrating my skin, I’m still sticking to my Kiehl’s Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate (as a serum) and CNP Laboratory Propolis Deep Moisture Pack (as a sleeping pack).


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