Review: CNP Laboratory Mugener Ampule

I feel like I have extraordinary control over my body – I once had gastroenteritis but I still managed to drag myself to work (that, and also because my workaholic of an ex-boss demanded that I go in). I can wake up at 4.30am on a daily basis even though I sleep at 12, and I have super willpower to stay awake without the need for caffeine. But there are some areas that I can’t control, like how my skin has gone ballistic on me recently due to the heat wave + haze, and there are spots popping up faster than you can say “Sim Lim Scam”.


CNP Lab Mugener AmpuleCNP Laboratory Mugener Ampule Intensive Facial Soothing Solution

CNP Lab Mugener Ampule poster

CNP Lab Mugener Ampule (1)

CNP Lab Mugener Ampule (2)

CNP Lab Mugener Ampule (3)

CNP Lab Mugener Ampule (4)

I say…

My skin (like my temper) has been easily irritable these days, due to the hot, hot, hawt weather, so I dug about my stash for this product I knew I had.

  • I’ve tried this product before in the form of a facial treatment in Korea at CNP Skin Clinic.
  • It comes in a frosted glass bottle with a dropper cap.
  • The rubber portion of the dropper cap is slightly soft (not as firm compared with belif’s peat miracle serum concentrate).
  • It does, however, do a decent job in picking up the ampule for use.
  • There’s absolutely no scent in the ampoule.
  • It’s a clear thick liquid.
  • It’s easy to apply over this skin cos it’s kinda like a watered-down version of honey.
  • There’s no sticky or greasy residue, but it definitely needs some time to set in – give it about 30 seconds to a minute.
  • Because of this, I prefer to use it alone (cos layering products over will be a little tough, considering that this doesn’t get absorbed in immediately).
  • Now what it does (while on the surface of your skin)  is that it utilises the simple theory of physics – first of all, liquid on your skin will cool it down cos it conducts heat away.
  • That aside, the ingredients also calm and soothe the skin and take away the redness and irritation.
  • Have dry peeling skin? This also works – I saw great results on my dry cheeks.
  • Unlike makeup, there isn’t an immediate visible tangle effect that you can witness, but after a couple of days, you’ll notice that your skin will be less irritated with less spots, while the dry flaky portions will be recovering.
  • There’s a healthy glow to my skin now.
  • Note: there isn’t any increase in skin fairness or shrinkage in pore size, but this works to better your skin’s overall health.
  • I particularly love this on days when the weather is crazy hot (hello, 30-degree nights, anyone?!) – I slather on some belif peat miracle serum concentrate and apply this over. Two ampule-type products to protect and nurse my skin back to health baybeh (kinda like Rambo or Chow Yun Fatt’s double-gun attack -bambambam!)
  • I also believe (and if I’m not wrong), that it’s the top portion of their Soothing SOS Face Mask (which, by the way, is another skin-saver for irritated skin).

CNP Lab Mugener Ampule (5)

Overall, I love this and it’s going onto my dresser as one of those fail-proof  SOS products.  I’m thinking about putting it into a glass case with the signs “Break in times of (pimple and skin-irritation) emergencies”  Hah.




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