Review: CNP Hydrogel Eye Lifting Patch

This has been a long, long, nong, nong week for me, and I’ve been clocking about 2-5 hours of sleep every night – I kid you not. Whenever this happens, I find myself collapsed into a heap of what must resemble a clothed hippo at the end of the night, with barely the willpower to shuffle the 5 steps to turn off the lights. Hah.

It’s on nights like these that I slap on these must-have eye masks to prevent me from looking crazed panda and creating panda-monium  (geddit hurhurhur) the next morning.

CNP Hydrogel Eye Lifting PatchCNP Hydrogel Eye Lifting Patch


CNP Hydrogel Eye Lifting Patch (1)

CNP Hydrogel Eye Lifting Patch (2)The eye masks are packed in a plastic tray of 2 per sachet


CNP Hydrogel Eye Lifting Patch (3)

CNP Hydrogel Eye Lifting Patch (4)Unlike other usual gel eye masks in the market, this isn’t full / dripping of liquid/essence. The top portion is furry-fabric-like, while the portion facing the sheet is a solid gel form.


CNP Hydrogel Eye Lifting Patch (5)It’s rather thick in terms of its cross section. (Psst: If you like the manicure, I did it with Etude House’s Snow White Nail Kit which comes with the pretty apple decals and 2 nail polishes)


CNP Hydrogel Eye Lifting Patch (6)Voila – it sticks on to my thumb without falling off (but not forever) – just enough time to angle myself and take this photo.



CNP Hydrogel Eye Lifting Patch (7) I say…

  • It comes in a box of 4 pairs (I think! I’ll confirm and update again!).
  • Each sachet is individually packed and sealed for convenience and easy carrying around.
  • Because there’s a groove in the plastic tray, the eyes masks doesn’t slip and slide inside.
  • It smells really really good.
  • There is no liquid whatsoever oozing out of the eye mask, so it’s not messy at all.
  • The top portion (that comes in contact with your hand) is somewhat fabric-like.
  • The bottom portion (that is stuck to the sheet and will go onto your face) is a gel-jelly consistency is pretty much solid and non-liquid.
  • It’s a rather thick gel that adheres very very easily to your skin.
  • It “sticks” to your skin but is easily removed for readjustment without pulling on the skin at all.
  • In fact, I have (many a time) applied it and then fallen asleep with the eye masks on. The next morning (or perhaps in the middle of the night, when I have to visit the loo), I find that they’re still attached in place (albeit a little flattened / dried out).
  • Upon application, it feels so, so cool (even without storing it in the fridge prior to usage).
  • In terms of efficacy, I won’t say it has miraculous results but it does help brighten the dark undereye area, and also helps to prevent the onset of dark eye circles the  next morning (especially after a long day).
  • My skin also feels firmer and not so dehydrated.

Besides using this as a home mask / pampering item, I also have one tucked into my passport – it’s a total must-have whenever you’re in dry places, be it a foreign country or on a plane. It’s my saving grace on any plane ride – it always soothes and refreshes my eyes and doesn’t give me that red eye effect after an overnight flight. CNP is coming to Singapore soon, so just wait patiently – you’ll be able to get your hands on these (especially my favourite Anti-Blemish Day) and other CNP Lab products soon! xoxo

p.s.: lemme know what you think of this little tweak I did in my layout (putting my face beside my “I say” section)? Yay or nay?




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