Adv: 10 things I want for my birthday

Now, as you guys know, I’m a major beauty junkie, and I’ve been blessed to receive an abundance of beauty goodies to review. But that doesn’t mean that my wallet is spared – I still spend good moneh on things that I want (and sometimes don’t need). Now that my birthday has come and gone (psst, there’s still the upcoming Christmas festive season), here’s my list of 10 things I want (and am not-so-secretly hoping that someone will gift to me). Why, you don’t even have to physically step out of the house – ah, the wonders of online shopping 😀

1/ MiPow Mirror Power Colors Leopard Prints 3000mAh, SGD14.90
These days, the battery lifespans of phones aren’t as awesome as they used to be, simply cos of the abundance of apps in the smartphones that sap the battery power. Since I’m on the go on all the time, I simply must, must have a portable battery in my bag, especially for the long days. This lightweight battery pack with 3000mAh is enough for one full charge of your smartphone. Psst, did I mention that it comes with an inbuilt mirror as well?

01 mipow-9568-22664-1-zoom

2/ Moigus Moibook 14000mAh Red, SGD34.90
Like a lipstick, one can never have too many portable battery packs, especially when you can get it in this gorgeous shade of red, and at a promotional price. This one has a higher power supply, and is compatible with all phone types, so you can share it with your friends (aka likeminded nomophobes) when you’re waiting for your dinner to be served. Its 14000mAh is enough to give 4-5 full charges for your smartphones.

02 moigus-4593-77383-1-zoom

3/ Clear iPhone 6 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector, SGD10.90
Yes, I know I haven’t technically gotten my hands on the new iPhone 6 Plus (damn you overwhelming demand and shortage of stocks), but don’t pregnant mommies prepare for their baby’s arrival 9 months in advance anyway? I need to protect my future phone-baby from scratches and hard knocks with this tempered glass screen protector (that usually retails at a higher price instores!).

03 oem-7973-801511-1-zoom

4/ Ecolive EMEME Tulip 101 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, SGD968
If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that my room floor is littered with paper bags of beauty products – it’s chaos in organisation. That also means it’s a tedious task to clean my room, which is why I absolutely need this sleek Robotic Vacuum Cleaner which not only cleans, but also sterilizes with its anion cleaning technology and also neutralizes odours.
04 ecolive-2606-656711-1-zoom

5/ DKNY NY4661 Watch, SGD304
I’ve always had a thing for watches with rectangular dials – in fact, all my watches are as such. It seems only befitting that the next addition will come from the same mould. I’m so loving this silver piece from DKNY with its blinged-up bracelet; I’ve never been one for subtle pieces anyway, so bling this on!

05 dkny-5286-695211-1-zoom

6/ LZD Quilted Crossbody With Lock, SGD38.90
If you’ve been watching Korean dramas like I do, most of the leading ladies always have a bag that’s somewhat similar to this – well, the rich family types anyway. Here’s one step in my aspiration to become someone similar – every ootd is completed with a bag anyway.

06 lzd-5369-89869-1-zoom

7/ LZD Zip Around Wallet, SGD16.90
I’m probably gonna get mocked for this, but like a neighbourhood aunty, I never bring my actual wallet when I go on trips. Instead, I change to something that’s all-encompassing like this Zip-around wallet – it fits both local and foreign currencies, coins and has card slots as well. Plus, I never say no to an animal-print item.
07 lzd-5633-31969-1-zoom

8/ Double-Sided Magnifying LED Makeup Mirror, SGD22.90
I am usually dressed in some shabby t-shirt and shorts when I’m at home, but when I’m doing up my blog post, I make sure my makeup is flawless. This mirror will really help me in my application/checking, especially since my belly gets in the way of getting up close and personal with my dresser mirror. Hah.

08 uneeque-products-6573-77659-1-zoom

9/ LZD Caged Heels, SGD30.90
Because I lack any semblence of balance (I can’t even cycle or blade), I know I probably won’t be able to walk gracefully in these heels, but I am so loving the design. It is fierce and sassy and totes looks like it came from a Kpop music video. One tiny step for me, and one big step for my inner Kpop star whutttt.

09 lzd-5847-96379-2-zooma

10/ NARS Lipstick – Jungle Red (Semi-Matte), SGD36.50
Last but not least – a NARS lipstick. You didn’t really think that a beauty junkie like me would leave a makeup item out of my list right? I do have a huge collection of lippies, but it’s somewhat surprising that it doesn’t include one from NARS. There’s no better time than now to turn on the Puss in Boots eyes and hope someone accedes to my request.
10 nars-5434-3078-1-zoom

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