Review: GlamGlow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

As you can tell, I’m clearly biased towards the Kbeauty scene – but it doesn’t mean I’m blindly doing so. After all, I’m just a beauty junkie who gravitates towards anything that’ll help me on my path towards goddess status hah.

Now I’ve been hearing a number of beauty industry insiders rave about this item – my ex-colleague, the beauty editor at CLEO rave about this, makeup artists, other journalists etc.  I knew I just had to try it – even if it meant forking out nearly a hundred bucks for this tiny little pot.


GlamGlow YouthMudGlamGlow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment – SGD$92


GlamGlow YouthMud (1)

GlamGlow YouthMud (2)

GlamGlow YouthMud (3)There might be some separation of the ingredients i.e. a clear layer of liquid above the mud, so stir it gently to mix it up properly.

From their website, the YouthMud consists of the following:


Groundbreaking patented TEAOXI®  is GLAMGLOW’s proprietary continuous time-release technology, delivering daily fresh Super-Squalene, EGCG Super-Antioxidants & Polyphenols direct into the mud from the real pieces of tea leaf contained in our mask. TEAOXI®  is the ‘magic’ behind our powerful anti-aging and anti wrinkle results.


When combined with our TEAOXI® technology, a delightful TINGLE sensation is created, leaving skin radiant and glowing. Absorbing impurities & toxic substances, while leaving essential natural oils,are just the start of the benefits.

  • Detoxifies and awakens the skin
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines


Ancient rock as old as the earth contains unique properties and when pulverized into Micro Pumice, those benefits are simply outstanding, including multi-level surface exfoliation that you control to clear dead skin cells, smoothing out fine lines & softening skin texture to reveal noticeably younger looking skin.

  • Provides multi level surface exfoliation that you control
  • Helps leave skin smoother and softer
  • Revitalizes dull dry skin



GlamGlow YouthMud (4)When you first apply it, it’s a moist wet mud texture with minuscule specks and fragments of the tea leaves.

GlamGlow YouthMud (5)Apply a light layer across the face and leave it to dry – you’ll know it’s completely dried when the colour changes to a greyish-green/white tone.

GlamGlow YouthMud (6)To remove: Wet your hands and gently, slowly massage your face. The water should “activate” the formula and change it into a scrub. Massage in circular motions to exfoliate the skin, and then slowly rinse off.

Beauty Tip: Cos this is a rather coarse-textured formula, you should be as gentle as possible during removal. What I do is to focus on one portion at a time – if I’m doing my chin, I scrub that area, and then rinse it off before moving on to the cheeks/nose/forehead etc.


GlamGlow YouthMud (7)As you can see, there’s a very slight redness to the skin if you’re not gentle during removal (I just haphazardly did it cos it was my hand and not my face).


I say…

  • First of all, doesn’t the cap remind you of Captain America? I wouldn’t mind applying this mask onto Captain America hurhurhur. Ok, snapping out of it.
  • It’s a rather tiny jar measuring about 5,5cm in diameter and about 4.5cm in height.
  • The jar is rather heavy – i think it’s a metal material considering it’s cool to the touch.
  • It smells really nice – not those heavy artificial types of scents, but a combination of herbs.
  • The texture is, as you would expect it, heavy and thick, since it’s mud.
  • It’s not watery – if you’ve let the jar sit there for a long time, or if it’s a new jar that you’ve just purchased (and probably has been sitting in stores for a while), you should stir it gently to restore it to its original thick coagulated consistency.
  • There are specks and grains in there – probably fragments of tea leaves, volcanic pumice rock  and clay. If you’re “lucky” you can even get an entire tea leaf (which is my pet peeve actually – I’d rather have the mud applied against my skin than slapping a leaf on, cos it doesn’t do much).
  • Since the mud and the clay are good at absorbing exceed sebum, I sometimes apply a thicker layer on the nose and at the oilier portions of my face.
  • When you first apply it, there’s a slight tingly sensation. It’s just very minor and nothing irritating to the skin.
  • As it dries, you will experience a gradual mild tightening.
  • After it’s completely dry (a slight greyish-green colour)- about 15 mins – it’s time to remove it.
  • Now what’s unique about this product is that it’s a mud as well as an exfoliating scrub.
  • To remove  it, simply wet your hands / fingertips and gently massage your face – so that the water gets into the dried mask and changes it into a watery texture. You can then move your hands in circular motions so that you’re doing a scrub.
  • Beauty Tip: During removal, remember that  the specks aren’t the finest in terms of texture, so you must be careful during removal .
  • During this time, it can get a little messy as the liquid will start dripping down your arms (well, for me anyway), and the random bits of pumice rock and what other ingredients will also be all over your sink. (this is also why I dislike the bigger bits of tea leaves – if it goes down the sink, it will clog up (over time)).
  • Once you rinse everything off completely – welcome to baby-smooth skin omggggg.
  • It’s no joke – my skin felt significantly softer, smoother, tauter and more radiant.
  • I do this about 2-3 times a week (depending on the condition of my skin). Make sure not to do it too often cos it can dry out your skin (it’s just how clay/mud work).
  • Beauty Tip: Not sure what’s the difference between this YouthMud (black tub) and the SuperMud (white tub)? the YouthMud is for slightly less oily skin, while the SuperMud is for oilier skin as well as spot treatment.
  • I like to follow up with a hydrating (Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask) or firming mask (Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Treatment) after this (to maximise the efficacy of this mask)



Now one of the perks that I have as a beauty editor / beauty blogger is that I sometimes receive products for free, which I am very grateful for. But it doesn’t mean I’ve turned into one of those self-entitled brats who insist on products all the time – no sirree. I paid for this item (and as you know, I fork out thousands of dollars when I go into a spending spree). And guess what? It’s probably one of the best items I’ve invested in! I highly recommend this product – it works well and leaves my skin so smooth and soft. Yay to baby-smooth skin!



14 thoughts on “Review: GlamGlow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

  1. Oh wow it’s so tiny! I would be terrified of using this, I’m so heavy handed when it comes to putting products on my face that I feel that I would (accidentally) end up using it all in one or two goes. Does a little bit of this product go a long way?

    • I wouldn’t say that a little goes a long way, but because its consistency is relatively thick, it won’t run out as quickly as you think. Also, I find that applying too much can make removal a little tougher, so I also tone down on the application amount (I’m also rather heavy-handed). 🙂

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  10. thanks for your post.

    I’m looking for a mask like this for my mom.
    my mom’s doing a laser treatment, so her skin is too sensitive and dry, it becomes redness easily even when she rubs her face slightly or uses the cotton pad. Can she use Glamglow? and which colour is suitable? cos I see glamglow has so many colour and it’s a bit confusing to choose.

    Thank you a lot ❤

    • Hello! I think if your mom is doing a treatment and has sensitive skin, it’s best to stay away from GlamGlow products for now. I’d say go for those suited for sensitive skin such as Cetaphil, CNP. 🙂

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