Review: CLIO Lipnicure & Lipnicure Top Coat

I’m currently in a deluded I-wanna-be-Hyuna phase. It doesn’t matter that I’m 100kg heavier than her – Hyuna or Fat-na, I will still attempt to rock the foundation that’s 2 shades too fair and the blood-red lips. Muahahaha. You can’t stop me, you can’ttttt.

CLIO Lipnicure1CLIO Lipnicure in Tension Red


CLIO Lipnicure dara

in2face Website 980x454 clio


CLIO Lipnicure2


CLIO Lipnicure3


CLIO Lipnicure5

CLIO Lipnicure6

CLIO Lipnicure7Make sure that you do not smack your lips together before it dries – it will end up like the extreme right photo, with semi-stuck together globby lip bits (click to enlarge)


CLIO Lipnicure8CLIO Lipnicure Top Coat





CLIO Lipnicure9


CLIO Lipnicure10

CLIO Lipnicure11


CLIO Lipnicure12


CLIO Lipnicure13Note the reddish tint around my lips – I was trying to clean up the edges and it sort of stained. Remember to not overapply the Lipnicure – go bit by bit.



CLIO Lipnicure14Trying to remove it with Bioderma Sensibio Cleansing Water


CLIO Lipnicure15Trying to remove it with the Innisfree Juicy Apple Emulsion


I say…

Now I had heard a lot about this product before actually taking the plunge. I’m not much of a bright red lippie girl (at the moment), cos it can be a be too much of a culture shock for my homely and nice colleagues.

  • The packaging is decent enough – a bottle with a twist-open cap that’s attached to the sponge-tip applicator.
  • The sponge tip itself is slightly concave like a spoon, so it helps to scoop up the Lipnicure.
  • It is also soft enough so that it doesn’t bristle against your lips.
  • Just an eensy weensy bit of the Tension Red is enough to get those blood-red lips – really, try not to overdo it, cos you’ll find that it can get a little clumpy (if left undried).
  • Beauty tip: Make sure that you do not smack your lips like how you usually do for lipsticks and lipglosses – it will somehow cause the lips to be “glued” together. Just leave them agape like you were ogling at some hot dude for about 15-30 seconds.
  • If dried properly, it sets into a very nice, rich and vibrant matte red.
  • Now, depending on your preferences – you can apply the Top Coat to give it that gloss.
  • This literally functions like how your nail polish does – simply apply the Top Coat over the Lipnicure for that added gloss and shine.
  • One thing to note is that if the red has dried properly, it won’t stain your Top Coat applicator, so there’s no need to use your fingers to apply the Top Coat.
  • Once both coats have dried properly, it really is a very beautiful glossy red that’s advertisement-worthy.
  • The Top Coat seems to “seal” the red in – there’s a very slight sensation of a film across the lips.
  • It lasts really, really long, and in fact, is a little tough to remove at the end of the day.
  • It can stain/tint the lips.
  • You’ll need a strong makeup remover for this task – ditch the Bioderma (which I’ve previously said is a gentle remover for lightweight makeup) and go for the cleansing oils and emulsions.

Overall, it is the type of red/lip product that I’d apply for those fancy schmancy events out – even after several glasses of champange (or soju, whatever rocks your socks), it still stays put.




One thought on “Review: CLIO Lipnicure & Lipnicure Top Coat

  1. The product is really super! I’ve seen a few reviews and damn, it really stays amazingly well and it’s such a beautiful shade! I can see you’d definitely need an oil to remove this type of product! My favorite and only lip cream stain is the Bourjois velvets. I have 3 shades from them and even though they already are dried on my lips they feel so soft!

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