Giveaway: Luxola x Vitamin Science / 20% discount!

Now you guys know that I cart back beauty stuff by the boxes, but recently, I’ve stopped wiping out the shelves. No, it’s not because I’ve seen the error of my ways – I’d still shop up a storm in 2 seconds. It’s mainly because I have so, so, SO much stuff to use (and also because I’m so, so, SO broke).

That aside, one of the reasons why I buy so much is because of my vaguely-blinded belief in Korean products – I have had very minimal outbreaks from Korean products, even if they’re from lesser-known brands (I’ve bought random KRW1,000 masks without any brand names and they made my skin glow too).

That’s why I didn’t hesitate that much when I was sent this to try – after all, Vitamin Science is from Korea, and it also sent by Luxola, a well-known shopping platform.


Luxola Vitamin Science (5)Vitamin Science Vita A Calming Emulsion – SGD$62


Luxola Vitamin Science (6)The orange bottle gives the impression that it’ll be filled with orangey citrusy goodness. Instead, it’s actually chockfull of pure carrot extracts, which help to remove free radicals (which are essentially annoying little eensy weensy molecules wrecking havoc on your skin’s cells).

Dispensed via a pump, the almost-clear slightly-watery liquid is very quickly absorbed into my skin, leaving no icky residue.  In fact, my skin feels more refreshed. I love, love the scent – there’s something vaguely fruity and fragrant that doesn’t overwhelm. You can buy it online from Luxola here.



Luxola Vitamin Science (7)Vitamin Science Vita B Hydrating Emulsion – SGD$65

At first glance, it looks distinctively masculine – like if I were a dude, I’d totally pick this (and I was right!). Even my brother made a beeline for this product, and grudgingly approved its scent which is slightly stronger and more fragrant from the Calming Emulsion.

Luxola Vitamin Science (8)Now you see it, and now you don’t – one of my key criteria in choosing products is its absorption rate. The faster, the better, simply cos I have a 100-step skincare regime and I don’t have much time to waste, waiting for the product to be absorbed.


Luxola Vitamin Science (9)Since I’ve reviewed hundreds of products, I can tell their efficacy like the back of my hand (as in really, the back of my hand). Can you see the improved skin texture due to the increased hydration levels after just one application? Amazeballs yo.

You can buy it online from Luxola.

Beauty tip: Even if you’ve got oily or combi-oily skin, you’ll still need hydrating products because beneath the surface, your skin can be dry and the sebum is being secreted in order to up the moisture levels.


GOODIES FOR YOU – or rather, goodie? Goody goodie? Hah.

Just cos Luxola loves you, here’s a Vitamin Science Vita A Calming Serum worth SGD$78 for one lucky reader!

Psst – I think the timing is perfect, seeing as the weather is all crazy hazy these days – your skin must be going ballistic on you! (well, mine is, anyway – my faceeee). Apply this Calming Serum to your skin and restore its balance with a much-needed boost of vitamins!


luxola vitamin science giveaway

Vitamin Science Vita A Calming Serum – SGD$78


All you have to do is answer the following questions:

  • Luxola gives free delivery the next day on orders above $10 – True or false?
  • Name 1 other Vitamin Science product (besides the Vita A Calming Emulsion and the Vita A Hydrating Emulsion)

Visit Luxola’s site for more information (the answers are all these!)

Send in your answers to with the header Luxola x Vitamin Science Giveaway, along with your name, age,  mobile number, and address (product will be mailed to the winner). Giveaway ends 17 October Friday, 11.59pm. Contest only open to those residing in Singapore (as our post office prohibits the mailing of liquids overseas). Winners will be picked at random.


P.S: Not keen on this but on the other items? After all, they do have a wide array of items such as 3CE, SK-II, Laneige, Philosophy and more! Well, you’ll get 20% off your first-time orders – simple enter LX-CHIO during your checkout. Valid till 26th November 2014


– this is a sponsored post –


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