Event/Newsflash: Learn how to use the Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher & get a Korean makeover with Sulwhasoo & Jamie Yoon!

Ok guys, I know I’ve been raving on and on and on (like some old-school 1980s ah beng / ah lian at Sparkx disco, I’d hold miniatures of Sulwhasoo in the air like they were my lightstick and wave them around like I just don’t care, heyyyy) about the Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher, but it is still understandable that some of you are catching no ball what it is. Even my pal whom I helped to get a bottle for thought it was some sleeping pack of sorts, and applied it before bedtime (and naturally saw no results).

In my mind, it is a primer / makeup base / fixer / finisher, which I apply after my Sulwhasoo Renodigm every morning religiously. The Luminature Essential Finisher does a ridiculously fantastic job at “gluing” the makeup to my face – now, it’s not sticky, and doesn’t feel heavy on my face, but somehow, it has a magic ability to enhance the staying power of any foundation / bb I apply after.

Now you guys know that I always share the love, so here goes – hear it from the guru’s mouth himself regarding the benefits and how-tos of the Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher, cos Sulwhasoo’s Global Make Up Artist Jamie Yoon is in town for the very first time to do so at 1-on-1 consultations and a live demo! Want to know all about the Kbeauty secrets (seriously, how do they get those poreless flawless makeup looks?!) – here’s your guy (or oppa~) to ask. And guess what? It’s at a mere cost of just $40 – for Sulwhasoo. zomg.


Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher info

sulwhasoo luminature essential finisher jamie yoonLet Jamie Yoon, Sulwhasoo’s Global Make Up Artist clue you in on the inner workings of Kbeauty!


When & where:

  • 13 October: Sulwhasoo Takashimaya counter (tel: 6737 1391)
  • 14 – 15 October: Sulwhasoo TANGS Orchard counter (tel: 6736 0339)


  • 11am – 6pm: 1:1 consultations (45min – 1hr/ session)
  • 7pm – 9pm: Live Demo


During the 1:1 Consultation (SGD$40, 45 mins – 1 hour/session)

  • Ask Jamie Yoon, Sulwhasoo’s Global Makeup Artist about your beauty concerns.
  • How you can achieve the famed Korean makeup style, and not just the generic look – you can get one that is specially tailored to your skin type and your makeup style.
  • What’s more, if you’re planning to attend some special event, (or you know, you’re like me and wanna look super uber Kpop star everyday), you can even get Jamie Yoon do a makeover on you with additional makeup tips.
  • Cost: $40  (fully redeemable for Sulwhasoo products)
  • Additional goodies: A 4-piece gift set (worth over $40!)


During the Live Demo (Free)

Can’t keep up with the multiple-step skincare regime of the Koreans? Here’s where Jamie will clue you in (and trust me, I’m pretty sure everyone will have something to learn from him). He’ll teach you how to achieve the following:

  • Run through your skincare regime Korean-style
  • Share makeup tips, especially on how to achieve a radiant, luminous complexion that’s suitable for our climate
  • (and here’s what I’m super keen on) Shading, highlighting and various tricks to achieve Korean celebrities’ makeup looks.
  • Cost: Free
  • Additional goodies: A 2-piece gift set (without any purchase)

The first 20 participants for each session will also receive a yummy Chocolate Fudge Cake from MATT’S the Chocolate Shop with any purchase.


For the Beauty Junkies

Here are some specials that are available on the day itself if you’re looking to top up your beauty stash (and also offset the $40):

  • Purchase the First Care Activating Serum + Luminature Essential Finisher + any other Sulwhasoo product and receive a Deluxe Gentle Cleansing Foam 50ml and Renodigm 5ml (worth $30) free! *Limited to 30sets per day
  • Spend $500 and above on Sulwhasoo products and receive an additional 3-pc trial set (worth $65) + Double points *Limited to 30sets per day


Hurry hury, limited sessions available! In fact, I’ll be heading down myself to experience this guru’s magic – it’s time that someone professional actually helped to release the radiance of my inner Kpop star upon the world~x muahaha.




2 thoughts on “Event/Newsflash: Learn how to use the Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher & get a Korean makeover with Sulwhasoo & Jamie Yoon!

  1. Hi, I’ve recently gotten sulwhasoo luminature essential finisher after reading the raves for it and was wondering if it is to be applied before or after sunblock like a primer?
    Hope you can shed some light on this, thanks! 🙂

    • hello! I use it over sunblock so that it’s in direct contact with the makeup and can “adhere” to the makeup and make it stay longer. Hope it helps! 🙂 p.s. Good purchase choice!

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