Review: The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate

I recently went for a facial and was told something that I already knew – “You have quite a number of millia seeds under your eyes!” Ah well. Depressing much? REALITY SUCKS I DONCH WANNA FACE ITTTTT.

Hysterical bitch fit aside, I know that the cause of millia seed is an overly-rich eye cream, which was probably caused by my over-enthusiastic application of cream in my youth. These days, I’ve toned it down slightly and am only limiting it to 4 eye products (yes, 4,compared to 8-10 previously) – Sulwhasoo Snowise Eye Treatment (for brightening the undereye area), Hera Waterin Roll-On Eye Serum (for hydration), Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Eye Cream (for firming and anti-ageing) and The Body Shop Drops of Youth for an all-in-one. And no, I don’t apply them all at one shot – I rotate on a daily basis 😀

TBS Drops of Youth EyeThe Body Shop Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate – SGD$49.90

TBS Drops of Youth Eye1Will these claims hold true?

TBS Drops of Youth Eye2

TBS Drops of Youth Eye3

TBS Drops of Youth Eye4A roller-ball applicator that has dual functions – convenience as well as a massaging-cooling effect

TBS Drops of Youth Eye info

TBS Drops of Youth Eye5Press downward gently (where my thumb is located) to dispense the Eye Concentrate


TBS Drops of Youth Eye6

TBS Drops of Youth Eye7

TBS Drops of Youth Eye8

TBS Drops of Youth Eye9


I say…

  •  I love the packaging – it’s a handy-sized tube measuring about 11.5cm in total (height), and its perfectly into the palm of your hand (somewhat like a lipstick).
  • I also love the rollerball applicator (similar to Hera’s Waterin Serum), which takes away the need for hands-on application. You simply dispense a bit and roll (in an 8-figure if you wish) under the eye.
  • To dispense the eye serum, press down gently – now here’s the tricky part. If you press down too hard (i.e. pressing it down as far as it goes), you will end up with a huge glob of serum that’s too much for one application.
  • Instead, I recommend pressing it very, very gently – about 1-2mm down. Once you see a bit of the eye serum coming out, you’re good. That amount is enough for a one-time, one-eye application, that doesn’t require cleaning with a tissue to remove the residue.
  • There’s not much of a scent to the Eye serum.
  • I do love the fact that the rollerball gives both a massaging and refreshing cooling effect. It’s great for mornings when you’re in zombie mode – this will totally wake you up.
  • The eye serum doesn’t take long to be absorbed, and also leaves no residual feeling (not sticky, not oily, not greasy).
  • Instead, my skin actually feels slightly taut (not tight) after applying.
  • After several weeks of testing, I (thankfully) haven not seen any extra millia seeds.
  • The undereye area is also seemingly more hydrated.
  • In terms of decreasing the severity of the dark eye circles -I did see a slight difference, but ever, ever, ever so slight. I suspect other people might see better results, since I have extremely irregular sleeping hours due to my job.
  • The skin also feels slightly smoother and softer , vs the other eye that I didn’t apply on.

Overall, I’m actually pleasantly surprised by this product – I would definitely continue using it. If you’re looking for a good eye serum to help hydrate the dry skin, or to prevent the signs of age from coming on, I’d recommend this as a good starter item.



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