Review: Maybelline Big Eyes Love Bag Liner

A couple of days ago, I had a visit with SkinLab the Medical Spa, and the doctor told me that I was lucky to have what everyone wanted these days – aegyo sal (aka the puffy portions under the eyes). For those of you who want this but are adverse to drinking 1 litre of water before you sleep every night (so that you end up with sufficiently puffed-up eyebags), I recommend using the good ole’ go-to method – makeup.



Maybelline Big Eyes Love Bag Liner1Maybelline Big Eyes Love Bag Liner – $13.90 each



Maybelline Big Eyes Love Bag Liner2

Maybelline Big Eyes Love Bag Liner3

Maybelline Big Eyes Love Bag Liner6Looking up for inspiration..

Maybelline Big Eyes Love Bag Liner5Looking in front in mortification (vaguely cross-eyed much!)

Maybelline Big Eyes Love Bag Liner4And finally, looking from side to side for motivation (or desperation) lol



I say..

  • I love glitter eyeliners – it’s doesn’t matter if you’re a fierce liner chick or a dreamy lovely girl-next-door type – glitter liners will always  brighten up your undereye area.
  • It comes in your usual twist-cap tube.
  • The brush tip is soft and pliable, and doesn’t poke into your skin or your eyes.
  • The glitter specks are more of a pearly shimmer (rather than the blinged up sparkles), so it doesn’t go too OTT with the light reflection.
  • Beauty tip: Apply to the lower lashline, at the inner corners of the eyes to brighten up your overall outlook.
  • For a more natural look (daytime), pick the Baby Pink one.
  • For more bling during the night, pick the Nude Beige one.
  • In all honesty, there’s only a subtle difference between the two, so as long as it rocks your boat, you can pick any one.
  • It dries pretty quickly upon application, and lasts quite a long time (say, 6 hours or so, if you discount any eye-rubbing).
  • It’s also pretty easily and quickly removed without any remnant – you know you’ve encountered some glitter product that leaves specks all over your face even after multiple cleansing sessions.
  • Now this is said to contain hyaluronic acid for skin moisturising benefits – I’m not complaining. After all, if i’m gonna be putting something artificial on my face for hours, I might as well get the added benefits right?

Overall, it’s a good budget item to have in your stash, especially for touch-ups on the go. I find that one of the best ways to brighten and freshen up your look at the end of a work day is by using something like this – a shimmer / glitter pen under the eye. Trust me on this one – the vain pot tells no lies. hahah.





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