Review: Laneige Gel Liquid Liner

I have a dream – a relatively superficial one at that  (forgive my bimboness – I really can’t think deep thoughts at 5am in the morning).

One day, I want to be able to apply eyeliner in a moving vehicle – yes, that’s right, you heard me. I want to attempt the impossibru. This will totally allow me to skim about 15 mins of preparation – now now, it’s not that I take that long to apply my eyeliner. It simply means that I can skip most of the peripherals and accessories (i.e. the eyes and lips), and just focus on piling on the foundation / bb and colouring the cheeks. Then I can literally skip off and apply everything on the cab and arrive at work looking like some Korean goddess – say hello to Aphrodite Kim (or Athena Park, if you wish).

Anyhoos, the reason I got into this whole verbal diarrhea is that I’m reviewing an eyeliner. Anticlimax much?

Laneige Gel Liquid LinerLaneige Gel Liquid Liner


Laneige Gel Liquid Liner info

Laneige Gel Liquid Liner (1)Top is Black, and bottom is Dark Brown


Laneige Gel Liquid Liner (2)

Laneige Gel Liquid Liner (3)Not the thinnest of brush tips, but it’s acceptable , since the rigidity/strength in brush strands are needed to hold the weight of the liquid gel

Laneige Gel Liquid Liner (4)

Laneige Gel Liquid Liner (5)A slight sheen to the finish when viewed from certain angles


Laneige Gel Liquid Liner (8)A relatively natural brown colour based one 1.5 coats – I say 1.5 cos I had to dab off some excess to make sure it didn’t stain my lids (and it was taking quite a while to dry). Psst: Can you see the slight brown stain just above the eye crease? That’s where the first stain came about.

Laneige Gel Liquid Liner (6)Removal using Bioderma Sensibio – remnants left


Laneige Gel Liquid Liner (7)Removal using Innisfree Juicy Apple Emulsion – almost all gone


I say…

  •  Gel liners usually come in a pot and require a brush for application, so it’s not the sort that’s convenient enough to be carried around for touch ups or even application.
  • Now this Laneige Gel Liquid Liner is touted to be a new technology – it contains gel liner in a liquid half-melted form, so that you can get the intensity and smooth consistency of a gel liner, but it’s packed in the convenient packaging of a liquid liner.
  • The liner comes in a normal enough packaging – a twist-open cap that’s attached to the brush.
  • The brush tip itself  (which measures about 1mm thick) is smooth with an appropriate amount of pliability – not too rigid but not so soft – so you can draw your lines with ease. It’s not the thinnest of brush tips, but I’m okay with that.
  • True to its claim, it really does have a very, very smooth melted-gel consistency that makes application on the lids a breeze – it really glides onto your eyelid.
  • I noticed that unlike other eyeliners (which sort of will adapt to the room temperature and become slightly cooler in airconditioned rooms), this liner seems to be slightly warmer. It doesn’t have that cooling sensation when applied to the skin – in fact, it feels a little eensy weensy bit warmer than usual. (Disclaimer: I have been told that I’ve got a lower-than-normal body temperature by the doctors before).
  • I also realised that it can take a relatively long time to dry, especially on portions that are thicker (aka have more gel liner). I haven’t really timed it, but let’s just approximate it at twice (or even thrice) the usual time it takes for my liquid liner to dry.
  • Now you must be sure to let it dry completely, or it’ll not only stain your lids and leave you with odd marks and lines, it’ll also end up feeling a little sticky –  kinda like really thick chocolate mousse consistency.
  • Since my eyelids are tapered crease / close cut types, I had to be really wary about this drying issue by either applying a very thin layer, or making sure I had sufficient time to dry it.
  • This also means that you have to let your eye cream / serum / eye primer set completely beforehand.
  • The finish is a deep rich colour, but there’s a very slight sheen to it.
  • I’ve always had an issue with gel eyeliners cos of my oillids, and sadly, this liner is no exception to the rule. After about 3-4 hours, the upper eyeline had smudged (very nicely, surprisingly) into a natural brown eyeshadow covering most of my upper lid, while the lower eyeliner had just gone to Raccoon Land (it’s a relatively okay smudge of about 2mm below your lashline).
  • You can try to smudge out the eyeliner into an eyeshadow throughout the day, but it can sit into the creases.
  • Those without such oillid issues will be glad to know that it has crazy longstaying powers though – check out the back of my hand (pic above). I couldn’t remove the liner for hours after!
  • The Bioderma Sensibio couldn’t thoroughly remove it, while the Innisfree Juicy Apple Emulsion (which is my go-to remover for everything, from long-staying eyeliners to budgeproof lipstick as well as uber sticky icky double eyelid tape gunk) did a great job (although you might have to use 2 soaked cotton pads).
  • No. 1 Black: It is really deep black and intense, and is great for a glam look.
  • No 2. Dark Brown: Although it seems rather intense on the back of my hands, when applied on the lids, it comes across as a more normal , natural hazel brown shade (see pictures above).

Overall, I say the concept is great – it’s just a pity about my oily eyelids. Ah well, I can’t be perfect HAHAHAH. Ook I kid, I kid. Hold the pitchforks and burning stakes!







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