Review: Pond’s Flawless White Expert BB Cream / BB+ Cream

Psst. Did you know that Pond’s goes way, way, way back – for a whopping 150 years! I only found this out when I was at their launch event several weeks back – they’ve been caring for ladies’ skin since 1846. Like woahhhh. Unfortunately, there’s been a huge influx of new brands since then, and I guess they sorta got lost in the melee of brands trying to gain the consumer dollar/attention. But like bell bottom jeans and mid-riff tops (and other random fashion-related items), they do make a comeback from time to time, and guess what? It’s now time for my face to take on Pond’s (again! –  I vaguely remember nicking some of my grandmother’s Ponds / Hazeline Snow to play with when I was young)


Ponds Flawless White BB CreamPond’s Flawless White Expert BB Cream / Pond’s Flawless White Expert BB+ Cream


Ponds Flawless White BB Cream (1)

Ponds Flawless White BB Cream (2)

Ponds Flawless White BB Cream (3)A natural finish that is barely visible.


Ponds Flawless White BB Cream (4)

Ponds Flawless White BB Cream (5)Using only the BB cream on my entire face including the undereye area (without concealer). Lips done using the Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse.



I say…

  • A new week, a new face (no matter how dark my expression might be due to the Monday Blues) heh.
  •  It comes in a flattish tube that’s rather lightweight (kinda like there’s lesser volume of BB cream in there).
  •  It smells really nice – a combi of fragrance and powdery that isn’t too strong.
  • The BB cream is really smooth and spreads easily.
  • It gives a very, very natural finish – so natural that I had difficulty capturing it using my camera.
  • In fact, even as I was applying it, I would occasionally wonder “Hey, I thought I already applied BB cream on my left cheek. Why can’t I see anything?!”.
  • That said, the coverage is a light-to-medium coverage (I’d give it a 6/10). It doesn’t do much in covering the dark eye circles or blemishes. It can also have a slight tendency to sit in those enlarged pores (which meant that it will emphasis the appearance of the pores) – I noticed this on the nose.
  • Although a little goes a long way, I find myself using about 1.5x more BB cream than usual because of its low coverage factor, especially on areas that required a bit more painting or had existing blemishes.
  • It gives a glowy finish that’ll be great for those with slightly dehydrated skin (but unfortunately, doesn’t sit well on my oily combi skin).
  • The oil control factor isn’t high: I noticed the sebum splotches beginning to accumulate after about 3 hours of wear, and melting away the makeup, which meant having to blot with a tissue paper and touching up.
  • On the bright side, there’s no oxidisation and no patchy spots on my skin.
  • Now it supposedly will help to lighten dark spots with regular usage, but I don’t have any dark spots, so I am unable to vouch for this claim. But hey, to me, this comes as a makeup item and not a skincare, so I’m not fussed about that.

Overall, I’d classify this as a weekend / short jaunt BB cream – great for a natural finish on days when you’re going out for several hours. It’s not exactly the Energizer of BB creams; instead, it’s more of an Everready with a shorter lifespan.



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