Review: LB Jewel Watery Rouge

This will probably tell you alot about my age, but I do kinda miss the good ole’ days when Asian comedies routinely involved some form of wacky explosion or poisoning that resulted in the person’s lips ballooning to redonkulous German frankfurter proportions. I used to (and still do!) love this sort of slapstick humour – it comes a very close second to when a dude dresses up as a chick and keeps digging for nose boogers. ahaha. What can I say – I just have a very low threshold for humour.

In any case, the giant sausage lips were always so glossy and well lip-balmed – a stark contrast from my current lip-state. My lips peel so much, they would put a banana to shame.



LB Jewel Watery Rouge (1)LB Jewel Watery Rouge – SGD$19.90


LB Jewel Watery RougeShade 311 – Coral Beige 😀

LB Jewel Watery Rouge (2)

LB Jewel Watery Rouge (3)

LB Jewel Watery Rouge (4)

LB Jewel Watery Rouge (5)

I say…

  • I have to admit  that I’m always one to make a beeline for brighter-coloured lipsticks  – I must have been a bull in my previous life, seeing how much I love red – so when I first got this, I was kind of “meh. blah. why?”
  • But you know, true to being a beauty blogger with integrity, I decided to just mush ahead and try this out.
  • And you know what? I’m actually pleasantly surprised by this lipstick.
  • It’s moisturising – as you can see from the before and after photos, the lip texture changed from being Sahara to WaterWorld (I didn’t apply any lip balm at all).
  • The colour was also surprisingly intense – it only took a couple of coats to achieve the colour you see in the photos above.
  • The lipstick also faded into a no-tint – because it moisturised my lips, there were no icky flakes for the colour to stain on. It also didn’t sit into the crevices and fine lines of my lips – essentially, you will have a new canvas to paint on once the colour fades off.
  • As you know, I love my heavily-lined eyes. If I were in Hogwarts, I’d have used up a pot of ink a day just to draw my eyeliner hohoho. But that means I have to tone down the rest of my makeup, and here’s where this lipstick comes in. It’s a beautiful neutral pink-beige colour that gives a little rosiness to the skin, but tones it down as well.
  • All in all, this is something that I’d defo be using when I wanna go all on on the eye warpaint.


LB Jewel Watery Rouge productsLB Cosmetics are available exclusively at Watsons.

For more information on their products, visit their facebook page here.




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