Review: IOPE Ideal Cleansing Foam Creamy Moisturiser

And I’m backkkk! Didja miss me hurhurhur? For those who didn’t know (or didn’t care, ballocks to me hahaha), I’ve been in Korea for the past week doing my usual pilgrammage. Now I usually upload my blog reviews in advance if I’m going overseas, but I was super duper busy the week before, so I really didn’t have time. But fret not, I’m gonna swoop in like Superman (or rather, Wonder Woman? Bat Girl? Something?) and save you from no-blog-review-boredom! -ta-da-dah!-

Before I start – let me know clear this up – IOPE is pronounced as I-Oh-Pay, not I-Ohp. Come everybardy – say it with me – I-OH-PAYYYY. Like how I gotta pay so much money to indulge in this insane hobby of beauty shopping haha. (bear with my overwhelming euphoria. I’m still high on life cos I had a great holiday baybehs).

IOPE Ideal Cleansing Foam Creamy MoisturiserIOPE Ideal Cleansing Foam Creamy Moisturiser – KRW27,000


IOPE Ideal Cleansing Foam Creamy Moisturiser poster

IOPE Ideal Cleansing Foam Creamy Moisturiser (1)

IOPE Ideal Cleansing Foam Creamy Moisturiser (2)


I say…

  • Now it’s a seemingly-normal cleanser that comes in the usual tube form.
  • It has a click-top cap.
  • It also comes in a rather large volume (which justifies the price).
  • It smells reallyyy  nice.
  • What sets this apart is its texture – it’s really similar to a gel-cream that you would apply as a skincare product (rather than your usual creamy cleanser-type texture).
  • The texture feels really soft against the skin, but unfortunately doesn’t work into much of a lather (which means I didn’t use it much with my Clarisonic).
  • However, even though I didn’t use a cleansing gadget, my skin still felt relatively cleansed (disclaimer: Of course it would be cleanser if I had used my gadget).
  • It did leave my skin feeling very much moisturised – it’s kinda like a two-in-one cleanser and moisturiser.
  • There was none of the tight stripped-dry feeling after the cleanse., which probably explains why my brother doesn’t like this – cos you know, guys love that whole very-clean tight face feeling. I need to educate the brother moreeee.
  • There was a slight “film” on my face though – it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky, but more of the sensation you’d get after applying your moisturiser.
  • I had no breakouts, and although I didn’t see an increase in fairness, my skin did still look more or less the same in terms of radiance.
  • However, when you’ve been wearing heavy makeup for the entire day, I’d recommend using at least 2 types of makeup removers before cleansing your face – this isn’t able to remove the heavy duty warpaint.

I’d totally recommend this for those who have dry skin, or are heading to countries where the climate is significantly drier than your usual area, or those who are looking for a lightweight cleanser.






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