Review: Alexiares & Ani The Pacifist Moisturizing Lotion

Since I was down for almost two weeks cos of the wisdom tooth thingy, I focused more on trying out new skincare stuff rather than makeup – I mean, nothing will look good on a puffed-up chipmunk with a one-side filler face. Well, if I’m forced to go on this diet, I’ll make the most of it and ensure that no matter how puffed up I am, I make sure mah skin is goooood and smooth (kinda like a hippo’s belly, no?)



AlexiaresAni The PacifistAlexiares & Ani The Pacifist Moisturizing Lotion – $66



AlexiaresAni The Pacifist1

AlexiaresAni The Pacifist2

AlexiaresAni The Pacifist3

AlexiaresAni The Pacifist4


I say…

  • Now although this is a somewhat unknown brand, I still took the plunge to try it – simply based on its mantra of formulation as well as its choice of ingredients.
  • Like The Advocate, this also comes in a frost bottle with a pump delivery system for hygiene and convenience purposes.
  • The Pacifist is a moisturiser for day / night and is said to calm the skin down.
  • I like that despite its somewhat medium-texture, it’s very quickly absorbed.
  • It does leave a very very slight sticky texture for about a second or two, but if you continue patting it into the skin, it’ll all be sucked into the depths of your skin.
  • It delivers a boost of moisture into the skin, firming it up rather nicely.
  • It hasn’t set off any reactions to my skin so far.
  • It’s particularly good for areas of the skin that are easily irritated – for me, that’ll be my jawline which is as twitchy as Kim Jong Un with his nuclears and what-nots.
  • There’s also no scent to this fuss-free product – it’s more of the efficacy that they’re selling.
  • In terms of pore size, there isn’t much difference – no further enlarging but no shrinkage either.
  • There’s no immediate effect, but more of a long-term regime that you should maintain.

To me, this comes across as a product that does what it’s supposed to do – calm your skin, moisturise it and soothe it to a more healthy condition. It’s worth a try if you’ve got sensitive skin or recovering skin and are looking for something without any parabens, drugs, etc etc.  You can buy it from their website here.







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