Review: Belif True Whitening Facial Sheet Mask

Coming from a very Asian and Singaporean Chinese background, I grew up eating in coffeeshops and elderly belly-rubbing old men who loved to open their wet tissues with an almighty “POP” sound. It’s just kinda bizarre – there are perforations, but no, them uncles don’t ever use it. They just clench the tissues into their hands, which results in an air bubble, and then they just smack it gooood. Why am I saying that all that? Cos you’ll need this particular “skill set” to use this product I’m able to review.

Belif True Whitening MaskBelif The True-Whitening Facial Sheet Mask – SGD$60 for 5 sheets


Belif True Whitening Mask (1)Notice something different? The essence/serum is separate from the sheet itself

Belif True Whitening Mask (3)In the bottom portion is where the milky serum/essence is


Belif True Whitening Mask (2)Dotted lines are where you need to fold…


Belif True Whitening Mask (4)… fold it into 3s, and then clench the bottom and squeeze! The serum will burst into the facial mask sheet, and it’s ready to be used!

(Now I don’t have any photos of the sheet mask itself, cos it doesn’t make for a pretty photo – it’s just your usual pulp sheet mask)

I say… 

  • Now packaging-wise, it does sound as a novel item. Good in concept, but for someone as coordination-challenged as me, it’s somewhat of a task.
  • I keep thinking that it’ll explode all over my face, which is why I don’t dare to exert more energy. But because of this, I end up struggling with opening it immediately.
  • Once you get the angle and amount of strength correct, the serum will pop right into the sheet mask compartment.
  • Now the mask sheet is your usual pulp mask sheet -nothing fancy, adheres pretty well to the facial contours, and dries out in about 15-20 mins.
  • I love that the milky serum is thick enough to make it feel like a luxurious treatment, but not too heavy to make your skin feel weighed down.
  • There’s a nice fragrant scent, and gives a good aromatherapeutic effect.
  • It leaves my skin feeling softer and more hydrated, and the next morning is what sets this apart from the other masks – a slight increase in radiance and fairness.

I daresay it’s a good mask, but unfortunately, it’s a tad on the pricey side – at $60 for 5 masks, it works out to be $12 a piece, and this compares to SK-II’s $22 per piece and other Korean masks for about $3-8 per piece.

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