Review: Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Polish Remover Wipes & Nail Lacquer

Now that I’ve suddenly on a whim decided I can be the next Van Gogh of the nail art world, I’m investing a lot of time and effort into home manicures – you know, practice makes perfect (and plus I can’t quite sit still when I’m watching my dramas / movies – I must multi-task!).

Crabtree & Evelyn is usually known for its bath & body stuff as well as its home fragrances, but now, they’ve branched out into nail colours (and skincare!). It’s perfect timing I tell you – the stars (and R&D dept of Crabtree) are aligning to match my current nail craze -maniacal diabolical laughter-

Crabtree Evelyn NailCrabtree & Evelyn Nail Polish Remover Wipes & Nail Lacquer



Crabtree Evelyn Nail1




Crabtree Evelyn Nail4One box contains 8 wipes, and they can be unfolded into a large sheet

Crabtree Evelyn Nail5A very large square sheet measuring about 11.5cm

Crabtree Evelyn Nail6A perforated sheet that’s quite soft, a bit similar to the wet tissues you get at restaurants


Crabtree Evelyn Nail7Not something soaking wet that I was expecting, but there’s a decent amount of remover.

Crabtree & Evelyn’s Nail Polish Remover Wipes are said to have replaced highly damaging hydrocarbon solvents with a gentler, soy-based formula and also contain nourishing oils and moisturisers to help condition nails and cuticles.

Crabtree Evelyn Nail8Just hold the sheet against your nail for a few seconds and then gently wipe off.

Now even though the sheet itself isn’t soaked and dripping in remover, it somehow manages to release quite a decent amount of remover onto my fingers, so don’t be touching other things when you’re removing your nail polish, cos you’ll stain your stuff.

Crabtree Evelyn Nail9After removing both hands  – surprisingly, there’s still a lot of unstained areas on the sheet.

Crabtree Evelyn Nail10After some gentle washing with water and hand soap – the oily sheen is gone and my fingers don’t feel dried out


Crabtree Evelyn Nail coloursNow they do have a very wide variety of colours, but unfortunately, we only get 12 shades on our shores.

Crabtree Evelyn Nail12Available in Singapore – my painstakingly stitched together collage 😀 they retail for SGD$13 each.

Crabtree Evelyn Nail2In Opal / Opale shade


Crabtree Evelyn Nail11


Now this shade is clearly not to be used on its own (see my middle finger). Instead, I layered (from L-R) on white, pastel lilac, and black. I think the best effect will be on black, cos it creates the whole galaxy constellation feel. The polish dries fast (thankfully), and surprisingly isn’t a pain to remove – yes, glitter polishes are always amazingly and stubbornly resistant to removal.

Overall, it’s not a bad range to try out – I’d recommend the coral shade as well as the deep rich purple-blue that I have my eyes on. 😀


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