Review: O Hui Moist CC Cushion

I can’t believe I’ve actually managed to unearth another cushion-type product from my stash. The amount of money I’ve sunk into beauty products is unfathomable (and somewhat guilt-inducing). Don’t judge me peopleeeeeee  – some people splurge on bags, others on shoes, and I spend on mah face.

OHui Cover Moist CC CushionOHui Cover Moist CC Cushion – KRW50,000


Now this special set comes with a jaw-dropping TWO refills – so including the one that’s already in the pact, that makes a total of 3 refills for just KRW50,000


OHui Cover Moist CC Cushion (1)

OHui Cover Moist CC Cushion (2)

OHui Cover Moist CC Cushion (3)

OHui Cover Moist CC Cushion (4)

OHui Cover Moist CC Cushion (5)

OHui Cover Moist CC Cushion (6)

OHui Cover Moist CC Cushion (7)

OHui Cover Moist CC Cushion (8An hour or so after application – no concealer was used.


I say…

  • The most commonly-asked question I get is : Is it interchangeable with other BB/CC cushions. No.
  • As you can see, I have taken a side view photo of the product – it is raised above the pact, versus the other BB cushions which have the refills sunken into the pact instead. The shape / structure of the refill is just very different.
  • This means it’s also a slightly chunkier and taller compact case vs the usual BB cushions.
  • It comes with 3 refills (ok I seriously am selling off the refills – anyone interested??) which is super value for money.
  • It has a very slight scent.
  • The sponge is slightly tougher than that of Laneige/Sulwhasoo cushions, but similar to Innisfree’s Water Glow Cushion.
  • It goes to the skin and blends/spreads easily.
  • I love that it immediately hydrates the skin – as you can tell, the Moist in its name is no false advertising.
  • It brightens up the skin, and sets into a 60-50 dewy-matte finish
  • Unfottunately, it’s the type of cushion that’s not suitable for those wearing glasses (like me on weekdays), cos it results in the glasses slipping down the nose bridge.
  • In addition, its sebum control isn’t strong , so you’ll still have to blot after about 3 hours (which is a rather short time).
  • The coverage is pretty decent – a natural finish that befits a trip to the nearby mall, but not for a long day out.
  • It doesn’t oxidise, but fades away instead.
  • Touching up is fine – there’s no caking and this is buildable (as long as you don’t apply powder in between layers. I find that that results is more obvious caking).

I’d say this is a pretty okay cushion that’s more suitable for those with drier or combi-dry skin types. For le Oil Face me, I’m sticking with Laneige’s Pore Control BB Cushion for now.



4 thoughts on “Review: O Hui Moist CC Cushion

  1. Omg I love their packaging! It’s the first one that is kind of square rather than round. Cute! I actually found that I prefer cushion foundations rather than ones I have to squeeze out myself and choose between my fingers or a brush. My fingers always win in most cases (because I’m kind of lazy when it comes to makeup…mascara and lipstick or stain are usually all I reach for), but with the cushion foundations I find that I always get flawless coverage and it looks the most natural for me.

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