Review: Hanyul White Chrysanthemum Powder Serum

It’s a very common misconception that whitening products can be stripping, drying and harsh on the skin. Well, to be honest, some products do have such effects, but there are also others that are gentle on the skin while being relatively effective. Here’s one that I’ve procured from Korea 😀 (yeah right, that makes me sounds so professional hurhurhur – I was just on one of my usual uncontrollable shopping binges).

Hanyul White Chrystanthenum Powder SerumHanyul White Chrysanthemum Powder Serum – KRW65,000


Now the initial packaging is quite unique – it comes with an extra pump separately packed. The one that comes with the bottle is just a screw-on cap.


Hanyul White Chrystanthenum Powder Serum5


Hanyul White Chrystanthenum Powder Serum2Affixing on the separately-packed screw-on pump.

Hanyul White Chrystanthenum Powder Serum3



Hanyul White Chrystanthenum Powder Serum4

 I say… 

Now I’ve been having a great experience with Hanyul so far – mostly because of my extremely biased love for Cheon Song Yi (and super delusion that if I use their products, I will miraculously morph into her), but also cos the products are effective without being too harsh. So far, I’m loving their Optimising Serum, Cleanser as well as their Anti-ageing serum.

  • Like the other Hanyul products, this comes in a very sensible plastic bottle that isn’t too heavy (and not too light so that it tips over).
  • It has an added factor of being hygienic with its separately-packed pump. It’s a nice touch I suppose, but a little on the wasteful side (considering that the moment I fix the pump on, I throw away the other cap). I guess the cap could also serve useful if you’re travelling and don’t want to accidentally dispense any product.
  • The texture is really lightweight and is somewhat an emulsion like formula milk powder (this probably explains why the instructions say to shake well before usage).
  • It’s very easily spread and easily absorbed cos of its texture.
  • And as you can see, there’s no residue – my skin feels hydrated and slightly more bouncy after application.
  • It also makes me skin feel a little smoother and not so coarse.
  • What I like about this is its scent – it’s a very unique herbal scent with a slight mix of fragrance. In a very weird way, it kinda reminds me of how a concubine of a Chinese emperor would smell like – floral, herby, fragrant and yet gentle.
  • The whitening effect is not as obvious as Sulwhasoo’s Snowise Whitening Serum, but it does a decent job is keeping me my skin tone relatively even, healthy-looking and somewhat fair – it’s more of maintenance than an increase/ change in skin fairness.

I’d recommend this for those who are looking for a whitening product that isn’t too harsh on the skin. It’s gentle, helps improve your skin clarity and yet is also moisturising – something that’s not particularly common with whitening products.


5 thoughts on “Review: Hanyul White Chrysanthemum Powder Serum

  1. I love this serum! I bought two bottles and am almost finished with them. I do like that they keep my complexion even, but I think it’s the scent that gets me. I love the smell and kind of wish it wouldn’t go away after wearing it for a while. Because I’m almost finished I can’t decide if I want to buy this same serum or test out another one. Do you have any recommendations for another whitening product?

  2. Im going Korea next month, and all the hanyul products seems so tempting in your posts! 😀

    Also, now whenever I look at some korean cute cosmetics packaging, I cant help remembering you once said something like that in your blog, “You no give cute packaging imma out of the door” kind of comment. REALLY make me LOL everytime I think of it! hahaha….

  3. Hi, I love your blog and I always do refer to this blog when I want to buy products from Korea online. I’m travelling to Korea for the first time tomorrow. Im thinking to buy one set of skincare (cleanser, toner, serum, moisturisern) from a brand that is not available in Singapore. Brands like innisfree green tea line seems too mild for me. I feel laneige line dont really show much effects on my skin either. I have combo-dry skin which is slightly sensitive. I’m looking at whitening or anti-aging products that are not too rich as I’m hitting 30 soon. Do you have any suggestions? I’m actually considering Iope or Su:m37. Considered Hera but when I try the sample it seems like there is too much fragrance. Please help me 😁

    • Hello! so sorry for the super late reply as I was overseas when you sent this message, and it just got swallowed up in the sea of comments (and spam) that came after. 😦 If it’s any help, I’d suggest Laneige, IOPE, Hanyul. Hera does have a very strong fragrance factor indeed! So sorry again!

  4. I love your blog for all the skincare reviews on brands that I can rarely find anywhere else! I was looking for a nice present for my mom, so I wanted to take a step away from my own go-to brands (innisfree, laneige) and look at something a bit higher up on the price ladder! Love Hanyul’s design and the traditional approach … now I kind of want it for myself, though. :’D

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