Review: K-Palette 1Day Magic Series 3D Palette

Once upon a time, when I was still young and impressionable, I was pretty crazy about Japanese stuff… I think it was sometime back in 2007, when I actually went there thrice a year. It really blew my bank I daresay – I was just so impressed and enamoured with their ladies and fashion.

Immaculate and perfectly groomed , always, all the time. I was like woah. I even heard the urban legend that they carry around miniature hair curlers and all sorts of makeup in their bags so that they can touch up and maintain that perfect exterior while on the go. If that’s true, I’m willing to bet that this is one of their items.



KPalette 3D PaletteK-Palette 1Day Magic Series 3D Palette – SGD$27.90


KPalette 3D Palette1

KPalette 3D Palette2

KPalette 3D Palette6

The tiny little brush that comes with – one side is slightly longer than the other, so use that for the blush (pinks) and the highlighter (white). I use the shorter brush for the shading of the nose bridge.




KPalette 3D Palette3Very clear instructions so you won’t be left guessing which colour is for what usage


KPalette 3D Palette4


KPalette 3D Palette5


I say…

  • I’m always a huge lover of everything multi-usage – what’s there not to like? It’s all-in-one, convenient to carry around, lightens the weight from your bag and plus (on the verge of sounding el cheapo) is really friendly to your wallet.
  • This comes in a small little case that measures 5.5cm x 6.5cm.
  • The brush, although tiny, is really soft and non-bristly. Yes, it may not be the most optimum in terms of application (professional makeup brushes / the large sized ones are always the most advisable), but when you’re on the go, you can’t really be fussy. Besides, it’s way better than using your fingertips or a rolled-up bunch of tissues right?
  • There’s no scent in the powder.
  • The powder grains are really fine and minute and don’t sit in the pores (thankfully).
  • Blush: Both the pink and coral are equally natural in colour, so you can try both separately, or even together.
  • Highlighter: The powder is mostly very, very sheer pearl white with some iridescent light gold flecks. Best used for the nose bridge, and also on the apples of the cheeks (over the blush) to create a more 3D effect to your face.
  • Shading: Now the brown you see in my swatch above is multi layered – just one layer is enough to get a natural look . Apply on the inner corners of the eyes next to the nose bridge. This will create the impression of a sharper nose bridge.

Overall, it’s a pretty useful palette to have, and for 4 items, $27.90 is a pretty decent price 🙂


(Lemme know if you want to see the actual application on my face? I’m currently swollen like a chipmunk now so I can’t take any selfies 😦 )



5 thoughts on “Review: K-Palette 1Day Magic Series 3D Palette

  1. ahhh…I am seriously going to get this one too when I go back to Japan… I have only recently started to clear out my products thoroughly…you make everything look too good

  2. Hi Cheryl, are the blush matte? Btw, is the brown shading lean to orangey colour? As it looks orangey in your swatch, quite different from how they show in their official picture. Thx.

    • It’s matte and very natural. The brown is actually very very light brown – on my screen it looks vaguely light hazelnut brown thought. perhaps it’s the screen colour difference? The colour you see has multiple layers, so 1-2 layers is actually not very noticeable 🙂

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