Review: Alexiares & Ani The Advocate Advanced Retinol Serum

I know very well the pros and cons of trying a new product – there’s always the fear of massive breakouts and bad reactions, but on the bright side, I’m always very excited at the prospect of finding a new awesome product to share with everyone. It’s a pro and con of a beauty blogger than people don’t usually expect to experience – it’s not all about event invites and freebies yoooo.

Alexiares n Ani The Advocate Retinol SerumAlexiares & Ani The Advocate Advanced Retinol Serum – SGD$179


Taken from their website:



THE ADVOCATE – Advanced Retinol Serum is our most effective skin conditioning treatment that helps boost and protect collagen, smooth surface lines, correct hyperpigmentation and restore skin’s youthful texture within days.*

Rejuvenation takes place on a cellular level with a complex of three performance-proven ingredients:
– Retinol: pure, bioactive Vitamin A, is activated gradually and micro-encapsulated to minimize any possible irritation
– Matrixyl™ peptides: skin-repair amino acid chains, proven to reduce as much as 68% of visible wrinkling within 2 to 6 months*
– Gently exfoliating non-acid Sugar Complex (Glucosamine HCL): perfect for those who are intolerant of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)

In addition, natural, anti-inflammatory plant extracts of Licorice, Mugwort and Algae Amino Acids make this lightweight serum gentle enough to use on the fine lines around the eyes, as well as on the lips for softer, plumper lips, and to smooth surrounding laughter and “whistle” lines.


Alexiares n Ani The Advocate Retinol Serum1

Alexiares n Ani The Advocate Retinol Serum2

Alexiares n Ani The Advocate Retinol Serum3

Alexiares n Ani The Advocate Retinol Serum4

Alexiares n Ani The Advocate Retinol Serum5

Alexiares n Ani The Advocate Retinol Serum6




I say…

Now that I’ve grudgingly come to terms with my impending ageing, I’ve also started to venture more into the realm of anti-aging products. Now any beauty junkie will know that Vitamin A / Retinol is a great anti-ageing ingredient, which is why I decided to try this one out.

  • It comes in a very well-wrapped packaging – black paper, box, black paper, styrofoam padding, cardboard and bottle.
  • This is because retinol is both destabilized by light (and should hence always be used at night), since it also increases the sensitivity of your skin to UV rays.
  • The bottle is a frosted one with a pump system – very hygienic, and dispenses enough for the whole face with just one pump.
  • The cream-gel has a very faint scent – non-scented but also v vaguely citrus.
  • Its texture , upon initial application, can come across as being thick, but once you spread it out and massage it into your skin, it’s absorbed really quickly, and leaves no residue (not sticky, not greasy).
  • In fact, I’m pretty impressed by how fast it goes into the skin (I’d always had the impression that something meant for night use would be thicker).
  • After just a week of use (on the left side of my face), I noticed a different in the texture (smoothness) and firmness. It’s definitely an obvious improvement!
  • I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I’ve seen the lines disappear, but there’s a definite improvement in skin texture.
  • I’ve tried applying it on its own, and also layering it with my usual Korean skincare, and there hasn’t been any bad reaction either.
  • It’s said to be suitable for sensitive skin cos it has no fragrance, phthalates, colorants, AHAs, formaldehyde-releasing ingredients nor parabens.
  • Beauty Tip: Store away from direct sunlight / in a shaded dark corner to preserve the integrity of the product.

Overall, I’m actually pleasantly surprised by the efficacy of this relatively unknown brand of product, and since my skin has survived it, I daresay you can try it out too! You can buy it from their website here.


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