Review: Bioderma PhotoDerm Max Dry Touch & PhotoDerm Spot

Ahoy there mateys! I know I’m not a pirate, but I’m so in a mood after watching a quadlogy of Ice Age last night – I know, I know, go ahead and judge me for watching animations. I just like me some happy time. Now that didn’t come out quite right…

Anyhoos! The fourth instalment of Ice Age was about pirates, which got me thinking about the sun, and therefore propelled me into doing this review on sunblocks. What can I say? A beauty junkie is inspired by everything, even an 11-tonne woolly animated mammoth.

Bioderma PhotoDermBioderma Photoderm Spot


Bioderma PhotoDerm (1)

Bioderma PhotoDerm (2)Bioderma Photoderm Max Dry Touch Dry Touch- $44.90


Bioderma PhotoDerm (3)

Bioderma PhotoDerm (4)To be honest, even though the Photoderm Max is labelled Dry Touch, I found that Spot gave a more matte finish


Bioderma PhotoDerm (6)More glow / a slightly more dewy finish seen with the Photoderm Max, but both are easily absorbed and leave no residue.


Bioderma PhotoDerm (5)A more whitish tinge can be seen with the Photoderm Spot , which means it can be used to brighten up your skin tone (when used on the face)



I say…

  • Now there’s really not much difference between the two except for the finish.
  • They’re both suitable for sensitive skin.
  • They both offer SPF50+.
  • There’s no scent for both.
  • They are also lightweight, so you don’t get any of that heavy feeling.
  • What’s more, they’re really easily absorbed, and do not leave that strange ghastly-white film that some sunblocks do.
  • They both also do not cake and leave streaky marks when you sweat -thankfully!
  •  PhotoDerm Max Dry Touch: Now even though it says dry touch, it actually feels more hydrating than the PhotoDerm Spot. Its texture is the type that can hold makeup for a longer period of time – kinda “sticky” but not exactly the icky-sticky types, you know what I mean? It makes my skin feel firmer (with more bounce from the hydration), and has a natural finish , so I’d actually recommend this for the face as a makeup primer. Its texture is a tad bit more  watery than the PhotoDerm Spot. This also contains Cellular Bioprotection® patent that protects cellular DNA against UV damage, and is said to also absorb excess sebum for a matte, no-shine finish. It’s kinda like a non-tinted version of The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Power Long-Lasting Sun Cream.
  • PhotoDerm Spot: This has a slightly more velvety finish (but not completely matte), and I’d recommend this more for the body, so that you get that “refreshed” feeling vs that “sticky” feeling. The texture is also very slightly creamier than the PhotoDerm Spot.

To be honest, I can’t really decide which one I like more – you can’t choose a favourite among your children (oh wait, some parents can. Hah! Bad parents, very very bad!) They’re both on equal footing to me. I guess it just boils down to texture and how my skin’s condition is like for the day.





6 thoughts on “Review: Bioderma PhotoDerm Max Dry Touch & PhotoDerm Spot

  1. I don’t blame you for still loving animated films! They provide a much needed-respite from work (and in my case, law school).
    I plan to marathon the Toy Story trilogy when midterm exam period ends huehuehue OuO

    • To be really honest, I really like my multi-purpose sun care products, so my favourite one is the one that combines a day cream + a sun block (which is the Sulwhasoo Renodigm Dual Care Cream).

      If I had to pick a sunblock, it’s pretty much a tie between this PhotoDerm Max Dry Touch, Kiehl’s and Orbis 😀

      Thank you, thank you! I’ve been really busy of late so I haven’t been able to blog everyday, but I promise to buck up xoxo 🙂

  2. I was wondering if you still used the photoderm dry touch cream till this day? I haven’t been able to find anything about it online other than the bioderma international website. Do you remember where you bought it? Thank You

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