Review: Aritaum Full Cover BB Cream

As much as I love the dewy effect of the Korean celebrities, I subconsciously shy away from such dewy products. As much as I may come across super deluded at times cos I think I’m uber awesome, I know that just because something looks good on them doesn’t mean I’ll look as good. But that doesn’t stop me from trying, cos at least I’ll know by trial and error (and also by going broke). Hah.

Aritaum Full Cover BB CreamAritaum Full Cover BB Cream in shade 01 Light Beige



Aritaum Full Cover BB Cream poster2

Aritaum Full Cover BB Cream poster3

Aritaum Full Cover BB Cream (1)

Aritaum Full Cover BB Cream (2)

Aritaum Full Cover BB Cream (3)Taken under clouded sunlight – it looks like a velvet finish, but it’s not. Note the knuckles – there’s a glow there


Aritaum Full Cover BB Cream (4)Taken under clouded sunlight


Aritaum Full Cover BB Cream (5)Taken under See the glow/dewiness around the nose bridge and cheek bones? P.S. that’s how I wear a bright coloured liner 😀




I say…

  • It comes in a long tube measuring 14.5cm in height including the cap.
  • It has a faint powdery scent that isn’t overpowering.
  • The BB cream is relatively easy to spread and blend out.
  • It gives you a dewy moist finish – I’d say 75% dewy vs 25% matte. It doesn’t have that velvet-smooth feeling cos of its high moisture level. However, it’s also not slippery (i.e. my glasses didn’t keep slipping down my nose bridge).
  • Because of this finish, it has its pros and cons. Pros are that you don’t need a highlighter, and stuff like your cheekbones and nose bridge will get an auto highlight. The cons are that once your normal facial sebum starts coming out to say hello to the world, your face will look somewhat oily.
  • During the first 5 hours of wear, it controlled oil really well – better than the Innisfree No Sebum BB cream surprisingly (for which I had to bring out the blotting sheets within about 4 hours).
  • However, the coverage factor for this is slightlyyyy lower than the Innisfree No Sebum BB cream. This gives me 6.5/10, and found myself having to apply 1.5-2 layers on problematic areas (i.e. the hormonal jawline) to get this effect.
  • That said, it does blend in beautifully and gives a nice natural finish.
  • The wear time averages about 5 hours, which is pretty decent.
  • After about 6-7 hours, oxidisation sets in. Meh. I saw very slight oxidised spots at my chin. Thankfully, the corners of the nose didn’t have such a situation – it kinda just melted away. Yay. I’d much prefer missing-in-action makeup than i-made-friends-with-sebum-and-oxidised makeup.

Surprisingly, I do like this for its natural finish, somewhat dewy finish, but would defo top up with concealer and perhaps a tinted base (eg Orbis UV Cut Sunscreen On Face Beauty Light or The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Power Long-Lasting Sun Cream) to help up the coverage factor.








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