Review: Innisfree No Sebum BB Cream

Sorry for the slight hiatus guys – I was so drained from spending all the energy doing up the  mandatory posts for the Best Beauty Blog (I guess I prolly run on low-quality batteries instead of Energiser batts hurhurhur. Psst – read my Korean eyeliner tutorial, Korean gradient lips tutorial, A Beauty Blogger’s Must-Haves as well as How to Create Korean Water Waves here if you haven’t! After that, it just resulted in the fever coming back from a lack of sleep, so I went into total bear hibernation mode.

But heyyyy I’m backkk! Here’s another BB cream review – this time, Innisfree promises no sebum with this product. hmmm. Behold my raised eyebrow.

Innisfree No Sebum BB CreamInnisfree No Sebum BB Cream KRW18,000


Innisfree No Sebum BB Cream (1)


Innisfree No Sebum BB Cream infoI’ve also reviewed the Air Skin Fit BB cream previously – check out my review here.



Innisfree No Sebum BB Cream (2)

Innisfree No Sebum BB Cream (3)Shade 21 Natural Beige: It looks slightly yellow-toned at first glance, but it blends out to a faint rosy tinge


Innisfree No Sebum BB Cream (4)

Innisfree No Sebum BB Cream (5)Taken under clouded sunlight – it looks rosy enough. One light layer of BB cream was applied for this photo.


Innisfree No Sebum BB Cream (6Under indoors fluoroscent lighting – a little on the beige-yellow side


I say…

First of all, for the love of all Korean stuff, I cannot understand why I ended up buying shade 21 when I’m usually more of a 13. Alas.

  • It comes in a relatively tall slim tube measuring in at 13.5cm (cap included).
  • Because it’s slim, it has a tendency to tip over more easily.
  • It has the usual somewhat herbal scent of Innisfree products – green tea, eucalyptus, mint, something something. The scent dissipates about 5-10 minutes after application, so I don’t suppose it makes a sensorial difference.
  • The BB cream is a good balance between creamy and watery – thick enough to give coverage, but liquid enough to be spread and blended in smoothly without pulling on your skin.
  • It’s quite lightweight – none of that heavy gunky feeling on your skin.
  • The coverage level is quite decent – I’d give it a 7/10 – able to cover most blemishes and scars, but not for severe dark eye circles. It has equal coverage with Innisfree Smart Foundation Perfect Cover but gives more coverage than Innisfree Smart Foundation Long Lasting (I’d give that a 6/10 for coverage)
  • The finish is a glowy matte one – there’s a dewy shine, but not the super moist types.
  • If you run your fingers lightly over your skin, you’ll have a light layer of powder on your finger.
  • Now comes the no-sebum portion – does it work? Well, I started oozing oil after about 5 hours. Out came the oil blotters (yes yes, I know they’re not that good for the skin).
  • I wouldn’t say it’s a complete “no sebum” – more like an “almost no sebum”.
  • What I surprisingly like about this is that it doesn’t oxidise – no ugly patchy spotty portions of blended sebum-dirt-bb cream. Instead, it somehow just melts away and disappears. In a strange way, it makes touching up that much easily (if you’ve ever tried to apply makeup onto existing oxidised makeup, you’ll know what I mean).

Overall, it’s actually pretty decent in terms of helping hold back the flood gates of sebum-dam, considering the fact that my sebum glands are powered by Energizer batteries (even if the other parts of my body aren’t). The blending is easy, the coverage is good, the wear time is decent and the finish brightens up your complexion without being too dewy.  Me likey 😀






13 thoughts on “Review: Innisfree No Sebum BB Cream

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    • Hi Jamluck,

      That’s a tough question. hmmm. If I had to pick between the 2, I’d pick the Aritaum one because it gives me a more radiant (and more glowy) finish, and also because the Innisfree one oxidises slightly (and this is one thing that I really dislike about makeup, cos my face secrets a lot of oil, and when products oxidise, you can see exactly where the oil comes out from.ick!).

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. Hi, i really love your reviews!!!
    Do you prefer innisfree air skin or this no sebum bb cream?

    What is your absolute favorite bb cream and cc cream regarding long wear and good coverage?


    • Hello! thanks for the love 😀

      If I had to choose between those two, I’d go for the No Sebum one cos it has more coverage.

      I’m not one to gravitate towards CC creams cos most of them give really, really dewy coverages and this causes my glasses to slide down my nose :/ Most of them aren’t really for long-wear and also give really light/natural coverage and require the use of a primer and/or bb cushion + powder to complete the look.. If I had to pick, my favourite CC cream would be from Hera – radiance, some coverage and lightweight.

      My current favourite BB cream is the Too Cool For School After School BB Foundation Lunch Box (although I’m not particularly sure if this can be called a BB or a Foundation). It lasts the entire day, gives good sebum control and doesn’t oxidise.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

    • Hi Lin, one of my current favourites is the Shiseido Sheer Eye Zone Corrector – absolutely no creases and good coverage. Laneige’s Cushion Concealer has even greater coverage but it can crease slightly if you’ve got milia seeds in the under eye area.

  3. I just want to ask. I have oily skin like more of a combo. I am now listing to buy innisfree products. So i have added No sebum mineral powder and long lasting cushion and green tea seed serum and green persimmon pore essence. Do I still need to buy a BB/ CC cream? If so, What type of bb/cc would go with the above things? I just want to make sure and i have no one else to ask so. I really hope you would answer me back. Or do i need primer or foundation as well? Plx recommend me sth

    • Hi Yoonmi,

      The No Sebum Mineral powder is more for a touch-up, while the Green Tea Seed Serum and Green Persimmon Pore Essence are skincare items. The Long-lasting Cushion and a BB/CC cream are more of makeup (base) items to create that skin finish. It depends on the type of coverage / finish you want. If you want just a natural finish, just one item is enough. If you want a heavy-duty coverage, you can try both. In my opinion, just one would be fine cos piling on too much product onto the skin can cause it to clog more easily.

      BB Cushions , BB creams, CC creams and Foundations are all base products and are mostly interchangeable.

      A primer would be good, as it helps to extend the shelf life of your base product (so that it doesn’t melt or disappear so fast). There are different types of primers – for more moisture (if you have dry skin), for mattifying (if your skin is oily), for radiance (if your skin is dull), for correcting redness (if you’ve got reddish skin) etc.

      Good luck and have fun shopping! 🙂

      • Sry for late reply… and thanks for explaining x3

        So i think i would need a primer or foundation since i get oily just in an hour or 2 and i have to be at uni and hospital for like 5 hours each so…. x’) and i am from myanmar and it’s kind of hot here even in winter… x3

        Would you please recommend me a primer or base that would go well with me and the innisfree products i am gonna buy? Just not from the innisfree… anything as long as it might be suitable for me?

        I just suck at thinking what cosmetics to buy….x3

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