Singapore Blog Awards 2014: A Beauty Blogger’s Must-Haves

– this post is written in accordance with the guidelines set by the Singapore Blog Awards-

Being a beauty blogger comprises many factors – passion for makeup, skincare and all things beauty-related, a somewhat deep wallet to satisfy that shopping urge (one can never, ever have too many lipsticks/eyeshadows/etc), a never-ending flow of verbal diarrhoea to entertain the readers, and of course, tools of the trade that’ll help you along the way.

Now when you mention the word “tools”, other than the impression of a British douchebag, the most common things that come to mind are foundation puffs, makeup brushes, eyelash curlers and what-nots. Instead of going down that tried-and-tested route (and bore you to tears along the way), I’d rather give you an alternative view on what constitutes a beauty tool – it can be your everyday item that you’ve come to take for granted, but without them, I find myself crippled as a beauty blogger.

Like a shaolin master, I’m about to let you in on the not-so-secret secret of a beauty blogger – start amassing them nao!  😀


1. Cleaning Tools: A Good Makeup Remover & Cotton Pads

As wonderful as a smudge-proof, waterproof and almost-everything-proof eyeliner come as good news cos it’ll look great on your face after 8 hours of wear,  it somehow doesn’t look that awesome on the back of your hands. Similarly, a foundation with great coverage won’t always receive the warm welcome from your pores if  they aren’t removed thoroughly. Like professional makeup artists, I swear by Bioderma. Simply soak a cotton pad, hold of several seconds and wipe it off without pulling / tugging on your skin. Plus, if you have good cotton pads (the types that have sealed sides), you won’t leave lint all over your face and look like you’re growing weird white strands of hair in odd places.

cotton pad makeup remover

My daily staples: Innisfree Juicy Apple Lip & Eye Remover Emulsion and Bioderma Cleansing Water



2. Cleaning Tools: A Good Cleanser

Surprised much? A cleanser is so much of a staple in your bathroom that not many would consider them as a necessity for a beauty blogger. Trying on many products can sometimes drive your skin crazy. To ensure that it’s perpetually in tip-top condition to receive the most benefits of any skincare product, make sure that your skin is clean and clear with  a good cleanser.


Such is the importance of a cleanser that I have stocked up in my home about 20-30 cleansers (at my last count)



3. Cleaning Tools: A Cleansing Device

If you’re gonna be spending $100 on your cleanser, why not  further maximise the benefits with a cleansing gadget?  I put my trust in the Clarisonic sonic cleansing brush. It’s touted to be 6x as efficient as hand-cleansing. Although the hefty price tag did put me off at first, I eventually caved in and dug out the $300+ to get myself one (I got the Clarisonic Plus so that I could use it for my body too). After just a week’s use, I could feel (and see!) a significant difference in my skin texture as well as overall clarity and radiance.
Processed with VSCOcam

The Clarisonic Plus comes with a changeable brush head for the body (and of course one for the face)



4. Maintenance Tools: An Exfoliating / Pore-clarifying Product

Clogged skin all over the world will thank you for this – be sure to exfoliate your skin regularly (I use Dermalogica’s Daily Microexfoliant that’s gentle enough for everyday use), as well as a pore-clarifying mask (Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Masque is great for this).

Processed with VSCOcam


Check out my reviews for Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask, Kose Infinity Pure Advance Deep Clear Mask and Dermalogica’s Daily Microexfoliant , which are items I swear by 🙂


In addition, since we’re living in the world of advanced technology, why not up your ante by using Panasonic’s Facial Ionic Steamer? This easy-to-use gadget is great for helping open up those pores so that the gunk that’s embedded inside the pores can be more easily expelled and you can get a more thorough and deeper cleansing.

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

Simply pop the water tank out from the back…

Processed with VSCOcam

… fill up to the appropriate levels…

panasonic facial steamer

panasonic facial steamer2

… switch it on, and wait patiently for 3 minutes (those WhatsApp messages can wait!), and you’re done!


Now my preferred method of using this will be on a cleansed face, instead of on your made-up face (that’s what the instructions say, that it’ll help in makeup removal). My explanation is simple – because I believe that this should be used as a home pampering product rather than a utility makeup remover. Once your face is rid of all the makeup, the steam will be able to help open up the pores, thus making it much easier to remove all the trapped dirt and sebum.



5. Work Tools: A Good camera & Props

Humans love looking at pretty things, and there’s no better way to capture them than with a good camera. Plus, most online readers have the attention span of a goldfish, and having too much wordy text can immediately turn them off. Lure them in with pretty photos.

Of course, having a good camera doesn’t make for good photos (like how owning a DSLR doesn’t automatically make you a photographer). Props can do a lot of wonders in making a photo more attractive, and can also set the theme, concept and overall feel for your photo.

Processed with VSCOcam

A mishmash of props I’ve accumulated in my room, much the amusement of my family



6. Application Tools: The Brush, The Puff and The Vibrating Foundation Puff Applicator

Yes, this is inevitable, and clearly the most obvious beauty tool needed. Having worked with many makeup artists, I have realised that the best makeup results always come when applied (skilfully) with a puff / brush. Us plebeians are usually  content with using fingers, but as you know, it can be a little unhygienic at times, and it does leave some streaky marks if you’re not careful. Here’s a second-best alternative – invest in a gadget that mimics the finger patting motion by 100x in a minute.  It’ll save you the effect of having to actually physically tap the foundation in, and gives a finish that’s rather close to that of a puff / brush. Alternatively, yes, you may fall back to the good ole’ trusty foundation puff or a foundation brush.


Processed with VSCOcamWonder how a vibrating foundation puff applicator works? Check out my review for the FacePerm Artist Auto Pat here !



7. Application Tools: A Vibrating Face Massager

Just like how a massage rejuvenates your body, a good massage can also rejuvenise your skin. Sure, you can do some facial massage methods using your fingers and kneading techniques, but you can also try out this Missha Skin Tightening Auto Massager that utilises the power of light to help tighten your skin as well as increase absorption of product / creams when applied over.

Processed with VSCOcam


Check out my review of the Missha Skin Tightening Auto Massager here



8. Application Tools: Lash Tools

Asians are blessed and cursed at the same time – we age much more gracefully than our Western counterparts because of our genes, and yet for the very same reason, we have ridiculously stubborn poker-straight lashes that take much teasing, coaxing and persuading in order to get them curled into dolly-like ones. To open up them eyes fully, every girl has to have some lash curling tool. Some ladies might prefer the old-school type metal curler, while others are \ already riding the technological wave with a heated curler. They only differ in the time spent during application, as well as the intensity of the curl. Don’t forget to show your lashes some TLC with some lash serum.
Processed with VSCOcam

 Check out my review of the Panasonic Eyelash Curler (which rotates in two directions!) as well as Heroine Make’s Eyelash Serum



9. Styling Tools: The Hairdryer / Straightener

There are two schools of thought when it comes to drying your hair – some are for air-drying, while others are for blow-drying. If you belong to the latter, you could possibly have the same thinking as me – that going out looking like a drenched duck is simply unpresentable. Besides the aesthetics, if you do not dry your hair thoroughly enough, you might risk having a little stinky head (I attribute this to a combination of heat, evaporation, air trapped in between the hair strands, and the cherry on top of the pudding – our sweltering humidity).

Of course, using a hair dryer requires some simple know-hows, such as not setting the heat too high, and using protective creams/serums. However, I’m really glad to say that in my years of using this Panasonic nano care hairdryer ( I kid you not – I actually received this as a media gift a year or so back ), I’ve never had to use any protective creams because of the nano component – it keeps my hair healthy, hydrated and glossy.

Processed with VSCOcam

To find out how to get big vavavoom curls with Panasonic’s Nanocare Straightener as well as my review on it, check out my post here!


To find out more about Panasonic products, visit Panasonic Singapore’s Official website or Panasonic Singapore’s Official Facebook. For more updates about the Singapore Blog Awards, visit  Singapore Blog Awards’ Official Facebook 🙂


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