Review: YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush

Yes, I’m back from my holiday – I’m so totally blue and lifeless now. Meh~ In a civic-conscious attempt not to scare the living daylights out of my colleagues, I’m colouring up my face with brighter tones than usual. Bring on the colour paints!

YSL Kiss and Blush product poster3If only I looked like these models. muahaha. mock me as much as you wish – a girl can still dream (or be deluded)


YSL Kiss and Blush product shades

Available in 12 gorgeous shades


YSL Kiss and BlushYSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush – #01 Fuchsia Desinvolte, SGD50

YSL Kiss and Blush (1)

YSL Kiss and Blush (2)The special little “bead” bump in the middle of the sponge applicator is supposed to help spread the product more equally throughout your lips


YSL Kiss and Blush (3)

YSL Kiss and Blush (4)Note that it won’t be as crazily Pikachu pink on your cheeks if you apply the suggested 3-4 dots (here, I had a whole glob of colour)


YSL Kiss and Blush (5)One coat vs two coats – curses, oh cloud-that-passed-by-while-I-was-taking-this-shot



I say…

Call me weird, but I always have some weird phobia that if I could possibly get stranded on an island one day.  IF that weird day does come, I want to make sure that I look good in case there’s some hot hunky stranger, so I ensure that my makeup pouch always holds some multi-tasking beauty products. This is probably the beauty addict’s alternative to ensuring that you don’t wear granny panties (in case the wind decides to go hoo-hoo at your skirt).

  • This YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush is marketed as a 2-in-1 – a lip and cheek product. However, since I like to make my money’s worth (plus I’m an incorrigible cheapskate), I’d call this more of a 4-in-1 – a lip stain/tint, a lip gloss, a lip colour and a cheek colour. (Now you can totally rationalise spending the $50 on this in case anyone questions you hurhurhur).
  • It comes in a squarish pot with a gold-handled sponge tip applicator that looks really luxe and classy, and can bring forth the envy dagger stares when you’re reapplying it in public.
  • However, the packaging can be a little heavier than your usual lip products though.
  • The sponge applicator is soft and non-abrasive, which is a boon for my chapped flakey lips.
  • It feels a little more plush than your usual applicators – it’s more “spongy”.
  • The shape of the applicator is designed for precise application around the edges, while the special little “bead” bump in the centre can pick up more product to apply on the surface of your lips (vs at the tips since it’ll just end up being dispensed in a glob there).
  • The colour is crazy vibrant, and all you need is one coat to cover the uneven colour portions of your lips (and the colour payoff is pretty good too!) To get a stronger colour intensity. I usually go with two coats to up the gloss (and glam) factor.
  • It’s moisturising and glides over my flakey lips with ease (so I don’t have to apply a base coat of lip galm).
  • It also covers all the fine lines on the lips.
  • After a few hours, it tones down to a rosy lip tint.
  • On the cheeks, all you need is just 3 (or 4) dots, and just blend it out gently with your finger tips. The result: A gentle flush of pink along with a slight glow. It’s more of a cheek tint, so it’ll last for about 3-4 hours.


Personally, I’m happy to use this just as a lip product cos it really brightens up my overall look. It was totally my bring-along item when I was in Korea the last two weeks cos I didn’t have to bring my lip balm along, and yet could still look like I had a luscious pout. If you’re on the fence about a lipstick, I’d recommend you get this. Actually, I’m really impressed with this, so everybardy should get themselves one if you’ve got an extra $50 to spare 😀




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