Review: Esprique Bright Lasting Rouge

I know, I know, I’m totally overcompensating for the last 5 years of my life that I never touched a single lipstick – this is the main reason why I’m suddenly nuts about them and trying them in every single colour and brand possible. But bear with me here – I’m about to recommend something really good.

Esprique LipsticksEsprique Lipstick

Esprique Lipsticks (1)My favourite shade of the new bunch – PK890



Esprique Lipsticks (2)Even with one layer, the colour is surprisingly bright and intense.


Esprique Lipsticks (4)From L-R: PK890 (bright cherry pink), OR290 (bright red with a tinge of coral) and RD490 (deep rich red)

Esprique Lipsticks (3)From L-R: PK890, OR290 and RD490


Esprique Lipsticks (5)From top to bottom (in the collage above): PK890, OR290 and RD490


I say…

Esprique is a sub-brand of Kose, and I assume it’s for their makeup items that are targeted at the mass market. It seems to be one of those quiet understated brands that you don’t really take notice of, but when you do, it’s like “Wham Bam Thank you Ma’am!”

  • These 3 colours are an addition to their existing range.
  • PK890 (bright cherry pink), OR290 (bright red with a tinge of coral orange) and RD490 (deep rich red). My personal favourite is the PK890 – cos I like peeeenk.
  • They come in an almost angular tube (again, yay because it won’t be able to make a jail break from me by rolling away).
  • At first glance, the colour of the lipstick is pretty meh – It really isn’t impressive.
  • There’s also no scent.
  • However, once you do the initial swatch on your hand, you’ll be happy – the colour payoff is rich, and all you need is 1-2 coats to get the colour you want.
  • Now I usually apply lip balm before applying any lipstick (damn you flaky lips!), but this lipstick contains a good level of hydration that makes it creamy and moisturising enough without having that heavy coated or greasy feeling on your lips.
  • I think this can be attributed to the fact that this is a multi-usage lipstick – it’s a concealer, serum and lipstick in one.
  • They last pretty long (again, depending on your level of oral activity hohoho).
  • When it fades, it doesn’t leave a rosy tint though – your lips just revert back to their normal colour.
  • Beauty tip: If your skin tone is slightly more sallow / yellow-tinged / more tanned, go for the OR290 shade. This is what people in the industry call a Warm Red. A Cool Red is RD490.


Overall, I love, love, love this and I’m wearing it now as I type away furiously at my laptop whilst sitting at Incheon Airport in Seoul. hohoho.




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