Review: illi Total Aging Care Body Skin

After my last visit to Lotte Mart (and spending 5 hours there), I now totally understand why they like to show their supermarket shopping experiences in in Korean dramas. There’s really a ginourmous variety of products that are sold there – whether it’s food, household stuff like slip-proof and uber comfy toilet slippers and even those quaint tiny tables that Koreans eat their ramyeon off – it’s almost-endless fun. What’s more, they even have a little food corner for you to eat kimchi gyozas and ddeokbokki if you get tired or need more fuel. I just get my food from all the tasting corners heh heh heh.

Anyways, here’s one of my discoveries the last time I went to Lotte Mart – used by the queen herself , Cheon Song Yi – illi body lotions, body serums, and shower washes.

illi Total Aging Care Body Skinilli Total Aging Care Body Skin

Illi Total Ageing series

This Ageing series also has a body wash (which is actually a cream wash that doesn’t foam or lather much, and kinda slides down the body in globs. I wasn’t much of a fan of it so I decided not to review it.)


illi Total Aging Care Body Skin (1)

illi Total Aging Care Body Skin (2)A watery brown liquid that has a very faint herbal scent


illi Total Aging Care Body Skin (3)Immediately after application – a slight glow to the skin


illi Total Aging Care Body Skin (4)

I say…

Body products aren’t usually fanciful – just your typical body lotion,  srcrub and a wash. Illi actually takes it up a notch to skincare level – there’s a Serum for this range, and this is the Skin (in Korean culture, a “skin” product is something similar to a toner)

  • Similar to your daily facial skincare regime, go in terms of consistency. Use this before the illi Total Aging Care Body Serum (which has a more viscuous, honey-like consistency) cos this is more watery and lightweight.
  • It’s packaged in a bottle with a flip-top cap – not very impressed with this packaging though. It reminds me of a soya sauce bottle… -.-“
  • Plus, when you have to dispense the product, it sort of droplet-flows into the palm of your hand (again, a bit like soya sauce when I’m eating sushi).
  • You won’t get any aromatherapeutic effects  out of this though – there’s just a  faint herbal scent that isn’t too overpowering.
  • The watery light brown liquid is really easily absorbed, so what I do is to pat it into my skin vs massaging it in. (it’s really similar to how you would apply your toner).
  • The skin feels softer, not as tight/taut and slightly more moisturised after application.
  • I guess there is some short- and long-term benefit in terms of hydration, but since I haven’t used it for years, I can’t tell if there’s an anti-ageing benefit.
  • Beauty tip: If you’re into bodeh love, do a proper bodycare regime: shower gel, scrub/exfoliate, apply this product and then layer it on with the Body Serum.

I’d use this on days when I’m feeling lazy (to have to massage the serum in and wait for it to set in) – just pat pat pat this in, and I’m ready to snore like a hippo. Great for those who don’t like having the sensation of having applied something on their skin 😀






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