Review: Laneige Art Play Waterproof Liner

As much as I’d like to think I’m not just another mindless minion following the trends, there are certain trends that we unconsciously follow, such as the influx of bling towards the end of the year, as well as the summer makeup trends (although it’s just really weird that we do that, since it’s summer all year round in Singapore). In any case, since it is summer season these days, everything’s cheery and colourful, like a glorious pride display. 😀 Besides the lip colours that are all aburst with colours, eyeliners are also going bright – no one will ever be intimidated by my death stare anymore. Damn.

Laneige Artplay Waterproof LinerLaneige Art Play Waterproof Liner

Laneige Art Play Liner Poster



Laneige Artplay Waterproof Liner (1)Available in 6 variations:

  • No. 1: Edgy Black, Starnight Black
  • No. 2: Sparkling Brown, Real Brown
  • No. 3: Snow White, Sherbet Pink
  • No. 4: Turquoise Blue, Navy Unlimited
  • No. 5: Real Purple, Ideal Silver
  • No. 6: Forever Khaki, Deep Green


Laneige Artplay Waterproof Liner_ colours

Laneige Artplay Waterproof Liner (3)A double-ended felt-tipped liner


Laneige Artplay Waterproof Liner (4)A sharp tip that can draw accurate lines


Laneige Artplay Waterproof Liner (5)

Laneige Artplay Waterproof Liner (6)

Laneige Artplay Waterproof Liner (7)A slight sheen is reflected when put against the light – if you prefer matte finishes, try Benefit’s They’re Real! Push-up Liner (but that only comes in black), or CLIO Upper liner (review to come soon!)



I say…

First of all, aren’t they the prettiest variety of colours ever?!

  • I love the fact that they’re all colourful and yet not overly garish so it’s still considered somewhat “safe” and wearable for almost everyone.
  • Each liner comes with one metallic / solid shade, and the other end will be a shimmery/sparkly shade.
  • Of course, this comes as a total boon to me  (and to every living beauty junkie out there). You can choose to use them separately or together, and they complement each other so well.
  • The felt tip is sharp enough to draw a precise line, and yet soft enough so that it’s non-abrasive and doesn’t pull on your eyelids.
  • They’ve got pretty strong staying power too – they’re waterproof and budgeproof (provided you don’t have overly oily lids like mine).
  • They’re also relatively smudgeproof too – no raccoon eyes spotted!
  • The colour pigments are pretty intense too – if you shake the tube well enough before application, you should only need 1 layer to get the colour intensity.
  • They are pretty easily removed as well – just a cotton pad soaked in Bioderma or Innisfree Juicy Apple Emulsion is enough to do the trick.
  • They come off in patches, not in smudges of colour.
  • However, I noted that the Turquoise liner is tougher to remove – the blue will stain the skin slightly despite several rounds of cleansing. You’ll have to wait patiently for it to wear off.


Overall, a pretty fun product to have and to hold till a new liner does you part, and also your carry-round pouch for touch ups.



5 thoughts on “Review: Laneige Art Play Waterproof Liner

  1. I love the Turquoise one…but a bit disappointed that it stained my hand when I tried it. worried that my eyes will be blue blue…haha…Am looking for an alternative for this color! let me know if you know any. Tks!

    • Try the new liners from Lancome or Make Up Forever. Haven’t had time to do a proper review but they seem to be pretty good! Will instagram them soon to show you guys 🙂

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    • I currently swear by The Face Shop’s Maxx’ Eye Twinkle Pen Liner and The Saem’s Eco Waterproof Push Liner (which I’m pretty sure are the exact same eyeliners but marketed under separate brands -both already reviewed), as well as Etude House’s Oh My Eye Liner (not reviewed yet but a strong contender in terms of anti-oillid resistance) 🙂

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