Event: Glam Glow, By Terry and Annick Goutal at Escentials

As much as I’m a Ko’Ho, I’m also very interested in Western brands – I mean, you can’t place a geographical limitations on a beauty addict’s lust. That’s just not my (Gangnam) style. Heh. In any case, I was happy to head on down to Escentials at Paragon last week to get to know some of their brands better – By Terry, Annick Goutal and Glam Glow.

I arrived uncharacteristically early (at least 30 minutes), so I entertained myself by browsing their goodies. But wait – did I arrive early so that I could have time to browse? hurhurhur.


Escentials event

Escentials event4

Escentials event1Walk by By Terry makes me wanna buy before saying bye. hurhurhur. lame pun I know. try saying that 10x in a row without stopping then.


Escentials event3


Escentials event5

Escentials event6Meeting the Glam Glow family for the very first time despite the hype amongst my beauty editor / makeup artist friends.

From L-R: Glam Glow Youth Mud (in black), Glam Glow Super Mud (in white) and the newest to hit our shores in blue is Thirsty Mud, a leave-on/rinse-off sleeping pack for hydration and firming .


Escentials event7

Escentials event8Also meeting diptyque for the first time – I’m seriously considering stocking up on these fragrant babies, since the hazey season seems to be right upon our doorsteps (and nostrils)


Escentials event9More olfactory goodness from Annick Goutal



Escentials event10The trainer introducing us to our new friends – I mean the makeup, not the girls.

Here are By Terry’s summer colours for your viewing pleasure 😀

Escentials event11By Terry Aqua-Print Eyeshadow

escentials-event12Ok, trust me when I say – they’re smudgeproof. I mean, I rubbed it really vigourously and it wouldn’t move. I even went to the extent of placing a sticker over it (the kind that you’re given at events as proof that you’re a guest), but a mere fragment of the colour pigments was lifted. It just does.not.move. -mindblown-



Escentials event13By Terry Tea to Tan (Water Color Bronzer) and By Terry Cheek to Cheek (Water Color Blush)


Escentials event14When they say Water Color – they literally mean that it has the same consistency as your primary school art kit watercolour set. It’s really watery, and is somewhat of a suspension, so you’ve really gotta shake up the bottle before application.


Escentials event15The effect with just one droplet of the colour – a natural rosy blush and a subtle bronzing effect


By Terry, Glam Glow, Annick Goutal and Diptyque are available at Escentials, Level 3, Paragon Shopping Centre




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