Event: Launch of YSL’s Couture Palettes

The one thing about journalists and editors is that although we might be exposed to the largest array of beauty products that’ll make any beautyholic piss her pants, we have a tendency to return to our comfort zone.  This is the exact reason why I’ve been using the same colour palettes for my eye makeup – black, black and black. And sometimes smoky when it smudges. heh. But you know what? With these new colours from YSL, I am actually tempted to venture out of my comfort zone.


YSL Couture Palettes launch

YSL Couture Palettes launch (1)8 Gorgeous variations for their new Couture Palettes – the bottom right hand one is the star palette 😀


YSL Couture Palettes launch (2)

YSL Couture Palettes launch (3)A super wide array of lip colours – super pretty!



YSL Couture Palettes launch (4)Their lipsticks (shade 52 is still sold out!), and the Lip Stain


YSL Couture Palettes launch (5)Their famed and highly-popular Touche Eclat



YSL Couture Palettes launch (6)



YSL Couture Palettes launch (8)Looks created by the makeup artists


YSL Couture Palettes launch (9)The artists and their models: L-R: Dollie Seah, Francis (from YSL), Ginger Lynette and Melissa Yeo


YSL Couture Palettes launch (10)And the Brand Manager giving out tokens of appreciation to the makeup artists. Oh hai there, it’s me too. Cos I won the YSL Bingo game and $500 worth of products! 😀 This means you can look out for more YSL product reviews on my blog soon!

P.S: Check out this article I wrote on LifestyleAsia about the new YSL palettes 🙂





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