Event: Right Shea, Right Now

I know, I know, that’s a weak pun on the usual saying “right here, right now”, but I really didn’t feel like putting a boring title like “Shea Media Tour”. It’s just a Tuesday and everyone’s just getting their engines revved up. Vroom vroom baybeh,

Last week, I visited Shea to find out more about their products – besides the fact that it’s conveniently located in town, I feel that it’s not right that at my age, the only kind of butter I know is the edible type. Continued learning, peoples! You must consistently upgrade your minds’ database, kinda like the apps that are constantly updated.


Shea media tourLocated at Basement 2 of Orchard Central (take the lift down from ground level – it’s justttt around the corner from the lift lobby) – this is the back of the store.


Shea media tour (1)And here’s the front of the store – can you see the cute little knick knack-lookalike items on display? Aren’t they the quaintest?


Shea media tour (2)

Commencing my tour of the store! Essentially, Shea is the exclusive retailer of Bomb products (from the UK) in Singapore, and everything here is handmade, vegetarian, free from animal testing, and contains essential oils. Some of their stuff are even packed in packagings that are made from recycled materials.

Shea media tour (3)Essential oils for both body and aromatherapy usage

Shea media tour (4)

Shea media tour (5)Bath Blasters are handmade, and contain essential oils for bathtime fun and aromatherapy combined.



Shea media tour (6)

Shea media tour (7)

Shea media tour (8)

An extremely large variety of products ranging from Body Scrubs to Shower Gels, Body Scrub & Polish and even Shower Butters which will cleanse and moisturise your skin at the same time.



Shea media tour (9)For those with scalp issues, you can consider trying this range – the Seaweed Bath Company’s products are all natural, which seaweed ectract, argan oil, neem oil, avocado, aloe vera and more. All their products are SLS, paraben, gluten and dye free.



Shea media tour (10)Slabs of soap that are created to look like slices of cake



Shea media tour (11)These really, really look edible – presenting to you, Cake Soap!


Shea media tour (12)



Shea media tour (14)More slices of cake soap, but these are from Bomb. The store carries a large variety of products.


Shea media tour (15)

Shea media tour (13)You guys know that I love multi-tasking products – this one is a sponge fused into a soap, so it lathers whilst you massage your body, and all in the palm of one hand too!


Shea media tour (16)Something else that really caught my fancy – instead of pouring essential oils for your tealight burner, try these little pieces of scented wax called the Little Hotties. They come in a variety of scents, and one of my favourites is the Raindrops on Roses.

Shea media tour (17)

Shea media tour (18)The African Black Soap is apparently really popular with the army boys cos it helps them to clean themselves and also help moisturise their skin that’s been exposed to all the weather elements during training. It’s also great for those who suffer from ezcema or sensitive skin.

There’s also pure hand-pressed Argan Oil from Morocco as well as Goat’s Milk Soap from Australia (made from fresh goat’s milk).

Shea media tour (19)And uber cute candles with heart-shaped designs – these have 50-hour burn times


 If you’re looking for a good housewarming party gift, or simply something to jazz up your room/house, this would be a pretty decent place to start 🙂


Shea is located at Orchard Central, #B2-47/48, 181 Orchard Road, S238896 as well as at Liang Court, #01-33, River Valley Road

Visit their website or Facebook page to find out more.


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