Event: Innisfree Cushions Class

I attended my very first Innisfree event in Singapore last week – yes, finally! And the timing couldn’t be more perfect too, cos this was an event for the launch of their Cushion. All aboard the Cushiob Bandwagon cos we are going in full force, balls to the wall baybeh!


Innisfree Cushions ClassThe assortment of products that we got to play with


Innisfree Cushions Class (1)


Innisfree Cushions Class (3)The eyeshadows are a pretty natural shade for this season


Innisfree Cushions Class (4)The stars for the day (at least for me) – the Cushions! There are 2 variations this time – the Long Wear Cushion for those with oily/combi skin, and the Water Glow Cushion for drier skin types.



Innisfree Cushions Class (5)There’s a slight dewy finish to the Water Glow Cushion, but with decent coverage. This is suitable for those whose skintypes are combi-dry or dry.


Innisfree Cushions Class (6)The Long Wear Cushion gives a more matte finish, and has better oil control and is suited for those with combi/oily skin.


Innisfree Cushions Class (7)The Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse has such vibrant colour pigments! Check out my review of it here.


Innisfree Cushions Class (8)This has a matte finish, but it also comes with an optional gloss finishing (like Etude House’s Color Lips-Fit)



Innisfree Cushions Class (9)Etude House’s staff flew all the way down from Korea to speak with us…


Innisfree Cushions Class (10).. and check this out – Cushions experienced an insane exponential growth in popularity in 2013, growing 111.7%. Like woah.


Innisfree Cushions Class (11)Celeste Sng taking the stage to give us insights on how to get a Korean Lovely look – less on the eyeliner, do tightlining, don’t forget the mascara on the top and lower lashes, natural pink blush and lips. Voila. Summarised in two lines.  heh.


Innisfree (12)



Innisfree (13)Some photos from my Instagram for those who aren’t on IG


Check out my review of the Long Wear Cushion here and my review of the Lip Mousse here 😀



7 thoughts on “Event: Innisfree Cushions Class

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  2. Hi Cheryl! Hope you can do a comparison between the long wear cushion and laneige’s pore control cushion too! Thanks so much! I really enjoy reading your blog!

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  4. I wish we had an Innisfree store in my country too 😦 I love their products sfm. Might be my fave Korean brand next to Laneige. I wanna try their Long Wear BB Cushion soon. 🙂

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